How to Start a Home Business [Start-Up Checklist]

Woman Reading: How to Start a Home BusinessThis 2018 “How to Start a Home Business” Checklist is a basic guideline for all home business owners. We’ve included lots of resources and tools that have helped us save time and money in our own business. Hopefully they can help you save time and money too!

Some steps apply to all businesses, while others do not. Keep this in mind as you go through the checklist. Some steps may not be applicable to you now, but the information may come in handy as you grow your business…

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Work from Home as a Virtual Assistant

Man Blogging on Laptop from HomeA virtual assistant (VA) is an entrepreneur who provides administrative, technical or marketing assistance to clients from a remote location, usually a home office.

A few years of office experience is expected, and workers take jobs on a long-term contract basis for customers. They communicate via phone, fax or internet services and sometimes may not meet the client in person…

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Starting a Home-Based Cleaning Business

Man Standing Beside Cleaning Business VanUsually, you can start your own residential or commercial cleaning company right out of your home. No matter what niche you choose to specialize in, you can usually eliminate most of the traditional start-up costs by working out of your house. Start small and grow your company as you get more clients…

Start a Home-Based Cleaning Business

How to Open a Group Home

Group Home Business Owners Starting Outside HouseThis page focuses on starting a senior care home or nursing home. However, you can start different types of group homes in addition to elderly group homes.

For example, you can open a teen group home, a home for children, mental health group home or home for those with disabilities.

In most cases, people convert private residences for the purpose of providing living space and assistance to small groups (usually under 20) of people. These people share common living spaces, and there is staff or a resident manager on the premises…

Start a Home Care Business

How to Start a Massage Business from Home

Masseuse Working on ClientWhether for therapy, relaxation or rehabilitation, massage therapists provide services for many reasons. Many clients use massage therapy on a regular basis, while others for special occasions or medical treatment.

Sports Massage Therapy rates as one of the most profitable forms of massage services. Sports therapists help relieve athletes of pain, stress and can actually help them heal from injuries…

Start a Massage Business from Home

Start a Home-Based Interior Decorating Business

Interior DecoratorInterior decorating and design goes way beyond homes. Think restaurants, hotels, spas, art galleries, model homes, corporate offices, even bed and breakfast inns.

Entrepreneurs on a budget can establish a home office as their “hub”, while visiting clients on site or even virtually.

Start with small re-design jobs. This strategy lets you get your foot in the door by proving your skills and expertise. Also, don’t rule out big jobs: just make the right connections!

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How to Open a Home-Based Catering Service

Whether you like working with small private parties, large corporate businesses or festive wedding events, catering can provide a steady stream of income. You can even start your own catering company without having formal cooking training…

See How to Start Your Catering Business

If you want to know how to start a home business, start by choosing the type of career you want to pursue. Then, find a mentor or follow a start-up guide for that particular line of work. Following instructions from an expert in your chosen field will help you reach your goals faster!