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Start a Medical Transcription Business at Home 1-2-3

Do want to find out to start a medical transcription business from home? You are not alone. With the increase in health care needs, the field of medical transcription is growing as well.

More and more transcriptionists are working from home, and some of those who have figured out how to do medical transcription from home successfully are teaching others how to do the same.

Medical Transcription Training

You do not need to complete a college degree to become a medical transcriptionist. That said, you do need some education to get started, and ideally if you want to start your own medical transcription business - you should have previous field experience doing transcription work for another company.

You can complete medical transcription courses online from your computer. Online medical transcription courses are not only faster and more convenient to complete - they cost significantly less.

You can also obtain a medical transcription certificate without even leaving your home. A Certificate in Medical Transcription shows that you know medical terminology and can properly produce medical reports, discharge summaries, examination and operative reports, diagnostic imaging studies, referral letters and more.

You can get web-based training for medical transcription (with certificate), help from a live mentor, USB foot pedal and CD from Future MT. Unlike other colleges, Future MT offers students a guarantee on their medical transcription course. If you are not completely satisfied, you can get your money back.

They also assist students locate medical transcription work after completion of coursework - even if they have had no prior experience to studying the course. See Medical Transcription Self-Paced Home Study

Medical Transcription Equipment and Supplies

Working from home, you'll need a computer, printer, transcriber, transcription reference manuals and medical dictionary. If you are working within a limited budget, look for these items second hand. Computer programs worth investing in are a medical spell checker and a word expander utility so that you don't have to do as much typing. See also: Business Phone Systems and Business Forms.

Medical transcription is usually paid by the amount of work transcribed. Therefore, it is quite normal for transcriptionists to charge their clients by the line.

How to Start Doing Medical Transcription at Home:

Home Business Expert: Medical Transcription BusinessLearn how to start a medical transcription business directly from a professional MT.

Michele Miller knows how to make money at home as a medical transcriptionist (she's been doing it herself from home for over 14 years), and she has a step-by-step plan that can help you get started. You won't be constantly wondering if you're "doing the right things", and you can avoid many of the costly mistakes that newbies make.

Start a Medical Transcription Business

Medical Transcription Start-Up Resources:

How to Find Medical Transcription Jobs & Clients

A good way to find medical transcription clients is through medical transcription networking sites online, like www.mtdaily.com. You may also be able to land contract work through online job websites dedicated to medical transcriptionists, like www.mtjobs.com

In addition, Small Business Marketing Expert David Frey has lots of unique and easy marketing ideas that you can use to (1) find more transcription clients, (2) keep those clients coming back to give you more business and (3) get those clients to effortlessly refer you more customers and do your marketing for you. Find out what I think is the Ultimate Resource for Small Business Marketing

More Medical Transcription Resources:

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