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How to Get Your First Massage Clients 1-2-3

How to Find Your First Massage Clients

Courtesy of Amy Roberts, Professional Massage Therapist and Massage Business Coach

For the past several months, you've been working very hard to get to where you are today. After hours of classes and exams, you're now a certified massage therapist and you're eager to get busy rubbing backs and making some money! But, how are you, as a massage therapist straight out of school going to get your first clients?

There are all sorts of methods that the new massage therapist can begin building his or her clientele. Many would assume that their first stop should be a printer where they have oodles of business cards printed up. This is a great move to make, but you can't round up clients simply through business cards. Nobody knows who you are or what you offer, so your business cards aren't going to scrounge up a whole lot of clients for you. They will be good, however, for handing out to clients so that they can keep your name, number and pass that information along to their friends and family.

As a new massage therapist, the one urge you will want to resist is doing massages for free or discounted. People equate the cost of a massage with the quality of a massage, so you don't want to discount your own abilities now. What you can do is get a small handful of friends and family to get massages from you and then get them to spread your services via word of mouth. Word of mouth advertising is one of the key methods that new massage therapists gain their clientele.

It's also important right now to create a target market. If you're more interested in doing baby or pre-natal massage, then you want to advertise yourself in those areas. One method to do this is to simply create flyers or brochures and visit a few OB/GYN or pediatrician offices for instance. Ask if you can leave some information and your business cards there.

If you're target market is women or men in a certain age group, find out where they're like to hangout in your community and post your information in those How to Start a Massage Therapy Businesslocations. You could even set up a massage chair and give ten minute neck massages at a nail and hair salon for an affordable rate to begin building your presence in the community. Of course, you need to talk to management before you set up shop!

As you can see, there are several ways you can get creative and begin marketing yourself, even if you have no prior business experience and even if you're straight out of school. Plus, these methods aren't going to cost you a whole lot of money.

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