11 Product Packaging Resources

Plain Plastic BottlesProduct packing is important for both the containment of a product and its presentation to the customer. You want your packaging materials to fit within your budget but also have a certain level of quality to satisfy (and potentially impress)your customers.

There are a variety of product packaging manufacturers and companies that sell packaging supplies online at wholesale prices. Some don’t even require you to buy in bulk quantities.

If you are selling food items, check that the containers you get are made of food-grade material. If you plan to ship your items, make sure that you have adequate bubble wrap or packing peanuts to make sure that your shipments arrive as intended. Also look into labeling requirements that you may need to add to your packaging design.

In addition to the needs of your product and government regulations, you also want to consider the customer. Would they appreciate containers that are easy to carry, re-usable or environmentally friendly? Are there questions that they are likely to have that you can answer on the packaging? Is the container impressive and add value to the item enough so that it can help the shopper make a buying decision?

It’s important to think about all of these issues before selecting packaging products because investing money in the right areas can bring you additional sales. The opposite is true as well – be too thrifty, and your decisions can cost you lots of sales.

All that said, here are some online resources where you can get a variety of containers, boxes, bottles, jars and product packing supplies:

Container and Packaging can supply you with glass, metal or plastic containers. They also have dispensers including sprayers, pumps, droppers, brush caps and plastic scoops.

Need full-color water-resistant labels? No problem. They also offer eco-friendly labeling, low order minimums and can work on a custom design for you. Their glass containers can be used for food packaging, cosmetics, candles and more.

Paper Mart carries the standard pink cake boxes and cake pads. You can also get other cardboard packaging such as cupcake boxes, boxes with windows, candy boxes and to-go food boxes.

They also carry bags, boxes, bottles, jars, cans and tubes in a variety of different materials. They also have gift basket supplies, cushioning fills, shipping supplies, food containers, corrugated wraps and tissue paper for items like handmade soap, soft vinyl pouches will pull-strings and tons more. Lowest price guarantee.

Drug and Cosmetic Sales Corp has cosmetic packaging supplies such as mascara wands, plastic jars for lip balm, fine mist spray bottles, foaming pumps, small amber glass bottles with brush lids, dispensing pumps, childproof caps and more.

Lip Balm Tubes has, you guessed, it, lip balm tubes. They also have lip balm jars, waterproof inkjet labels for printing your own, shrink wrap bands and lip balm tube boxes.

JCDanczak Product Packaging and Shipping Supplies sells both packaging supplies and shipping materials. Some of their inventory includes plastic tubes, clear boxes and bags, bag sealers, poly bags and tubing, bubble material and loose fill, corrugated cardboard cartons, stationary boxes, stretch film and shrink wrap, gift and retail packaging and more.

Freund Container sells plastic and glass containers, canning jars, metal cans and tins, pails and drums, boxes, bags, organizational units and more. Shipping supplies include tubes, mailers, bubble wrap, specialty boxes, shrink wrap and printing labels. They usually ship orders same day, there is no minimum order requirement and they offer a low-price guarantee.

Bert-Co makes custom-designed cases and holders (think CD/DVD cases, box sets, folding cardboard boxes). They have a design team that can help you develop unique housing for your products, and their service includes custom packaging design, production and printing – at wholesale prices.

Some examples that you can view on their site include custom boxes and cardboard packaging for food and beverage items, cosmetics and personal items, nutraceuticals, music and video and more.

SKS Bottle & Packaging supplies and designs plastic bottles, glass bottles, plastic jars, plastic jars, metal containers and closures. Looking for food containers, glass roll-ons, amber glass bottles, plastic tubes, lip balm tubes, plastic pails with handles, clear plastic bags or metal tins? Check them out.

Great for bath salts, body care items, honey, candy jars, candles, cosmetics, food containers, gardening containers, lip balm, spa containers, wedding favors and more.

Brick Packaging for wine bottles, corks, wine shippers, carriers and other wine packaging supplies.

Wholesale Floral of course sells wholesale floral supplies, but you can also find plastic containers and trays, boxes, foil, mesh netting, cellophane, baskets, ribbons and more.

MyOwnLabels.com provides professional label designs with templates. They print and ship the finished labels directly to you.