How to Get Business Cards to Sell for You

Person handing out business card at cocktail partyBusiness cards are a no-brainer for any business owner, mainly because they are so cheap, easy and effective all at the same time. Here’s where to get them for cheap

On a Budget?

Easy-to-use business card templates make creation a snap, and printing is done for you. Online do-it-yourself business card design services have really made business cards more unique and affordable. It’s a great way to present a professional image and collect clients at a fraction of the cost of a paid ad.

Design Tips:

The best business card graphics to use are ones that demonstrate what your business does. You can also use graphics to show your customers what type of person you are: are you Casual? Exciting? Precise? Organized? Dependable? Creative?

Do you have a varied clientele? You may want to consider creating two or more different business cards that contain different information or different designs to better target each client group. When you have access to wholesale prices, you can afford to be better.

Information to Include on Your Business Cards

The right information on your business card can make all the difference in the world. In addition to including your contact information, think of your business card as a small ad: show the reader the benefit to doing business with you.

If you have a lot of text or simply want to do something different – use both sides of your business card. Why waste an entire side of valuable advertising space?

Include a coupon, announce your new product, offer a special deal…. use a business card template to create a double sided business card. Use professional templates and choose from 1,000’s of customizable designs to create your own impressive look.

Here’s the information you want to include:

  • Your company name
  • Your name and business title
  • Your mailing address, phone number and fax
  • Your email address and website address
  • A short phrase explaining the benefit of your product or service

If you want photo business cards, you can easily add your photo for just $4.99 extra. A picture speaks a thousand words, and in a service business where your customer will be working directly with you, a photo may be the reason why they make the call to do business with you. Need a Logo?

If you run a service business where a customer might not need you today – but they might unexpectedly need your services in six months – you’ll wish that you had given them a magnetic business card that they stuck on their fridge rather than a paper one that got lost in a drawer.

Not only will people have easy access to your phone number when they need to reach you, if they use your magnet in a prominent location, they might be looking at it everyday. How’s that for free advertising?

Some of the service businesses that magnetic cards work well for include pest control companies, repair services, contractors, real estate agents, restaurant delivery, insurance agents, beauty salons, pet services and more.

Since magnetic business cards are more expensive than the traditional paper business card, you may not want to stick them in mailboxes or mailing them to a large mailing list. Your money will be better spent when you hand them to qualified prospects, especially if you are meeting them face-to-face, where they can better remember your business.

Conventions, trade shows and open houses are some examples of where you can hand them to qualified prospects. Also, you can give them to customers once they have used your services, as they are probably likely to use you again.

Choose Your Business Card Stock

Do you want impressive glossy card stock, durable premium matte or are you on a tight budget? Or maybe you want to include a little more information on the back side of your business card.

Since your business card can often be the first impression you make on a potential customer, focus on creating a lasting impression: create something different.

Ever thought about the “stickiness” of magnets? Why not try a magnetic business cards, many business card websites let you order them using your regular business card design.

When you have created your business cards, it’s time to start making money with them. There are many ways you can use these small professional business cards to effectively build your business – without spending a fortune. When done right, they can save you time and make marketing a breeze.

See also: 30-50% off postcards, brochures and more Design your own marketing materials online using professional templates. Designs provided, printing done for you.

Business cards are not only a great way to network with business associates and prospects, they can also work as great mini-advertisements.

As far as advertising costs go, free business cards are the way to go – as they can save you a lot of money, but be extremely effective at getting clients when used the right way.

First of all, when you create your own business cards online, you can get creative and design the exact look you want. Your design does not have to look like very other business card, as you have complete control over the layout. You can even add text to the reverse side of the card.

When you have the back side of the business card to work with, you instantly double your advertising space. Now, you don’t want to have your card look cluttered, because that is unprofessional and confusing to the viewer. However, here are few ideas that you can use in a compact space to get an idea across and get the card holder to take action.

Add a few bullet points of the services that you offer. Three bullet points is plenty. Be brief, but focus on the benefits that you provide to your customers – services where you exceed your competition. Give your prospects a reason to call you.

Advertise a “first time customer” special discount. Print a coupon – where your business card doubles as a coupon on the reverse side. Give people a reason to use your services or buy your products now as opposed to later.

As long as you are taking the time to print and use business cards, it makes sense to make them useful for multiple purposes. Even if you don’t advertise special discounts on your business cards, they can double as appointment cards.

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