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Worm Farming for Profit: How to Start a Vermiculture Business

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More and more people are taking up composting to create less waste and obtain rich fertilizer for their yards. By learning a few easy tips, worm composting enthusiasts can turn the simple activity of vermiculture into a profitable and fun business.

Not only are worms in high demand, but so are the worm castings used in organic fertilizer. Worm farming can be a very profitable home business. Farmers don't need to buy a lot expensive equipment and can start a productive farm in under 500 square feet. Worm farmers can use backyard sheds as well as garage or basement space to run their vermiculture businesses.

How to Make a Worm Farm

A worm farm is generally made up of several stackable waterproof crates. The crates are often plastic because they are lightweight, but wood can be used as well. Newspaper "bedding" and soil is needed to start the farm, and then compostable food items are added thereafter on a regular basis to feed the worms.

Worms like moist dark areas, but at the same time crates should have good drainage and aeration. Food items are placed in the upper crate, which has holes in the base so that worms can crawl up up through the crates to reach the food.

Typical worm food items include raw fruit and vegetables (no citrus or onions), egg shells, hair leaves and carboard. The smaller the pieces, the easier and faster they will break down once in the compost bin. Too much food at once can lead to rot, while too little food can lead to hungry worms. Typically, the more worms that are in the compost bin, the more food you can feed them.

Vermicomposting Supplies:

Basic Materials:
  • Worm Bins
  • Bedding (ie. shredded black and white newspaper, paper bags, grow coir)
  • Water, Worms and Food Scraps
Other supplies typically used: thermometer, hand rake, scraper, compost tea brewer.

Happy D Ranch is a leader in the vermiculture industry, providing supplies and materials to people who want to get started in vermicomposting - and educating them at the same time. They also help people who want to do large volume composting, with a handy $10 instruction guide.

Beginner's Guide to Starting a Worm FarmGo!

If you want to do your part in helping the environment - and want to make money doing it, worm farming is a great business to start. In addition to being able to run a vermiculture business inexpensively from home, entrepreneurs with no worm farming skills can actually get started and make a profit simply by following simple instructions.

The guide to Starting a Worm Farm walks you step-by-step through building a simple worm bin and how to generate top-quality fertilizer in the most efficient manner. With little investment and minimal work, you will also find out how to run a profitable worm farming business from home.

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