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How to Start a Website Design Business 1-2-3

There are lots of small business owners who want to get a website but they don't know how to do it. With your design skills and creativity, you can get paid to help people set up websites - and have fun doing it.

Assuming you already know how to design a website, you want to focus on setting up with "business side" of your company and of course, getting clients. The hardest part is getting started. If you need to get trained in website design, you can save money by enrolling in a website design course online that you can complete from home through an accredited school.

Once you start completing jobs, customer referrals and repeat business can help you grow your business much more easily.

Making yourself look like a professional in this industry can be key to getting clients. You want your own professional website to display your portfolio of projects. You also want a custom logo on your website, as well as business cards and other marketing literature.

So before you do this, you want to choose a business name and register it with your county clerk. Open a business bank account so you can accept payments from clients to your business name and keep business and personal finances separate.

Speaking of accepting payments, get at merchant account so you can give your clients more ways to give you money. Download a free invoice template that you can use to bill clients and use inexpensive accounting software to track business income and expenses. You'll save time when it's time to file your tax return and be better prepared to take advantage of tax deductions.

As far as finding clients, working from home can make this a challenge for any business. Being able to network is important to attracting new clientele, but this does not mean that you need to go to networking meetings.

When it comes to marketing, some website designers find it easiest to stick with what they do best: designing websites. By volunteering your time and skills building sites for charity organizations of community events, you can get your name out there. This starts you on the road to getting those referrals and repeat business you want.

Get Paid to Design Websites

More and more companies are bringing their business online - and more of them are outsourcing the work. This creates an ideal opportunity for you to make money designing websites - doing something you enjoy, and having the flexibility of working at home.

As a website developer, you can either start your own full-fledged business or become an independent contractor and complete jobs for different companies part time.

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  • How to get a degree in web design (and save money), how to master advanced HTML techniques and create visual effects.

  • How to start your website design business - for free - and what to put on your own business website. Plus how to get free trials of top website design software and find website design work online

  • How to meet clients through networking, do a new client consultation and design a customer database. Plus price-setting guidelines, sample invoices and proposals, and more...

Go!Start Your Own Web Design Business

Ways to Find Website Design Jobs & Customers

Online Business Directories
You can use online business directories to find new clients. A popular B2B directory, Business.com, lets website designers reach a worldwide marketplace very quickly by advertising on their site.

Some companies looking to hire may be open to outsource to an independent contractor because they don't have to incur hiring fees. You can also set up a partnership where you pay them a referral fee for any customers they send you. See also: Find Freelance Work Online

Design Galleries
Post your designs on several website design galleries like CSS Elite, CSS Beauty, Design Shack or CSS Gallery for additional exposure. There are many businesses and individuals looking for website designers who who hire someone based on seeing his or her work.

Job Boards
Check out available work opportunities on Job Board for Web Designers & Web Developers When looking for jobs on job boards, specify "freelance".

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