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How to Start a Video Production, Taping or Editing Business 1-2-3

Shooting and creating videos is big business, and the internet has made it even bigger. The explosion of video creation has simply increased demand for videographers.

The businesses and individuals hiring video production professionals is not slowing down. More people may want videos - but not everyone knows how to shoot one - or take the time to figure it out. That's where you can use your video taping, editing and production skills to earn a good income.

There are several routes you can go when it comes to starting a video production business. Design your idea business. Do you want to work in different settings on-site, inside a studio or out of your house? Are there certain times of the day or week that you prefer to work? Do you want to employ a staff? Do you enjoy traveling? Do small jobs interest you or do you want to work on large projects with lots of people?

Some of the many services that you can offer with at-home video business include video editing, CD and DVD duplication, video tape repair, video prints (photos from videos) , green screen videography, wedding and event videos, photo video productions, video for the internet and more.

Woman holding video cameraThe Video Production Business Start-up Guide walks you through starting and running your business successfully.

  • Find out which licenses you need, how to finance your business and where to find the best location to make your video service most profitable
  • BBB Accredited BusinessHow to find new customers, price your services and beat out your competition with the least amount of effort
  • A list of products and services that you can offer in your business, accounting and bookkeeping tips and a list of helpful resources for your business. The more you know, the more you can build on your profits.

Go!Start a Video Production Business


Start a home business converting VHS tapes to DVDs for your clients. With Roxio's Easy VHS to DVD, you can easily make DVDs for your customers right from your own home - and at very little cost to you.

Video Production Business Resources:

Professional video production companies offer videotaping and video editing services to their clients. You can work in television production, commercial video production and produce corporate and event videos.

You have lots of career options, since video is used for a variety of purposes. In addition, the growth of the internet is expanding this field even further. You can easily operate your business out of your home and offer a mobile service, going "on location" for clients and completing editing projects from your home office.

This makes this business very cost efficient to run, so invest your start-up money in high-quality equipment that can help you deliver better video products to your customers.

Business Planning & Other Resources for Video Production Businesses:

Start with a business plan template. And gues what? There's a free sample business plan for a video production business that you can check out online. It can help you get started on your own plan and help you get started faster.

Finding Video Production Jobs & Customers

Advertise Your Video Services & Find Clients Online

Whether you want to find customers or do freelance work as an independent contractor, online job sites can be a good way to find work and clients.

Why? Some companies looking to hire may be open to outsource to an independent contractor or freelancer because they don't have to incur hiring fees. You can also set up a partnership where you pay them a referral fee for any customers they send you.

2014 Home Business Start-up Checklist!

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