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How to Start a Vending Machine Business 1-2-3

What Do You Need to Get Started?

Starting a vending machine business does not require sales experience and can be started with a small investment. Many entrepreneurs choose this line of work because they can work from home and enjoy a flexible schedule.

Some vending machine business owners grow their operations over time. They start part-time and then acquire more vending machines and locations as their profits grow. Because the vending business does not require employees or other expensive overhead, a significant amount of cost is eliminated.

Location, Location, Location! You want to place your machines where human traffic is constant. Find the right locations for your vending machines, and you can be enjoying a low maintenance, low stress work schedule.

You want to avoid buying from vending machine companies who make claims that you will start making a large income right away. Buy from reputable companies, so you don't end up with substandard equipment and poor service.

Vending Machine Franchises

Some entrepreneurs prefer the training, support and structure of working with a franchise. Franchises like Vendstar offer vending business opportunities from about $10,000 to $50,000 where you can essentially own your own business, but without the hassle of creating a business model. Free information from Vendstar.

Start Your Own Vending Machine Business

If you haven't worked in the vending machine business before, the cheapest and fastest way to get started earning money is to get coaching from a vending machine expert. You can avoid paying franchise fees, but you can get the business answers and advice you need.

Start a Vending Machine Business Chris Robertson has operated his own profitable vending machine business for over 10 years. He has developed a complete vending business training program that you can download directly to your computer.

He also has some free videos you can watch on his website and includes the fastest way to get new vending locations - the key to your success in the vending machine business.

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Buying Used Vending Machines

You can buy new or used vending machines. The benefit to buying used is of course to save money. However, the trade of is that used machines usually don't carry a warranty, and you have to pick up and move the machine yourself. Used machines may require more maintenance as well - although this is not always the case.

All that said, if you have the ability to easily move the equipment and are skilled in machine repair (or know someone who is) - you can score some great deals on used vending machines.

You can find used vending machines in your local paper's classified ad section or on websites like UsedVending.com.

Vending Machine Business Marketing

Good vending machines can sell themselves. It is important that you make your most valuable marketing asset as profitable as it can be. A high-visibility location is important, plus attractive signage and products that people want in that particular location will also help advertise your machines.

How to Start a Vending Machine Business Understanding your target market is essential - do your customers want healthy items or something that is just quick and easy? Drinks or food? Large servings or small servings? Are children or adults buying the items?

People like consistency. Carrying a consistent line of popular products has shown to bring in profits for many vending machine businesses. However, you may also be able to increase your revenue by offering additional new items that customers want, but are not available at other locations.

Start a Vending Machine Business


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