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How to Start a Tree Trimming Business 1-2-3

1. Put together a business plan to organize your plan of action, budget, marketing strategies and financial timeline and goals (How will you reach them if you don't know what they are?).

You can do this yourself with easy, low-cost software you can download. See Tree Trimming Business Plan

2. Give your company a catchy name and register your business with your county clerk's office.

3. Next, get to get a business license from your local city or county office. If you want to incorporate your business, you can review information online to see how incorporating may benefit your company. Get a business tax ID from the IRS website. You can also get information at the website about business income tax, self-employment tax and estimated taxes.

4. Organize and simplify your company's accounting process by taking a couple of hours to open a business bank account. Either hire a bookkeeper or get a business accounting software program like Quickbooks Pro if you plan on keeping your own books.

5. Meet with an insurance agent. You will need business liability and property damage coverage. You can get business insurance quotes for free online.

6. Meet with a local tax person to discuss strategies to maximize your business deductions.

7. Although you can run a tree trimming business out of your home without having to lease office space, You'll need equipment and a truck. Equipment includes a good chainsaw and safety climbing gear. Many tree trimmers use a 2-ton dump truck, which allows plenty of room for hauling away large branches.

8. Get a phone number you can use for business. An inexpensive way to do this is to use a service like iTeleCenter that enables you to connect a business phone number to your existing home or cell phone without having to install an additional line. This service includes lots of professional features that businesses like, but you pay very little for it. Then, you can include the phone number on all of your signs, business cards, websites, ads and more.

9. Set up a website. A website can help you advertise your tree trimming services by showing your previous before and after photos (a picture is worth 1,000 words), providing contact information, offering discounts and detailed information that potential customers want. See Landscaper Website Templates.

Tree Trimming Business Start-up Guide

home business expertIn a specialized field like tree trimming, you have the advantage that there are few. do-it-yourselfers. In addition, there are utility companies and government agencies who hire tree trimmers on a regular basis for work that needs to be done.

This complete Guide to Starting a Tree Trimming Business not only shows you the basics, you learn how to become the best in your area, so you can have an instant advantage and get new clients before your competition gets them. With a higher demand for your services, you have the ability to charge higher rates and earn more money.

  • Follow a Step-by-Step Outline from a business expert, so you understand exactly what you need to do to start your tree trimming business.

    BBB Accredited Business

  • Where to Find Professional Resources you can contact and ways to save money on start-up and operating costs.

  • How to Get Customers Fast: Discover marketing and advertising strategies that will enable you attract a continuous flow of customers and turn a profit faster.

Start a Tree Trimming Business


Marketing Your Tree Trimming Services

Yellow Pages and Directories
Many homeowners still use the Yellow Pages to find tree trimming services, so it's a good idea to run an ad that includes the basic service you offer and why you are better than your competitors. Consumers are also searching online for local services using local search directories, so you want to list your company there as well.

Utility Companies
Contact utility companies and government agencies in your area to bid on available jobs. These can be great resources for larger projects and ongoing jobs

Inexpensive Signs
Pay for 1 sign and advertise with it for free everyday after that. Custom magnetic vehicle signs are surprisingly cheap, and you can have them designed to attach to a truck, a van or a trailer. You can usually get yard designs through magnetic sign companies too, which you can use to advertise free at job sites.

Easy Advertising Networks
Advertise your tree trimming services on sites like BidClerk or Service Magic. You basically pay for leads when interested parties contact you through the site. This type of advertising service is a great time-saver, but it also has another big advantage. Customers can leave their feedback on the site, and these testimonials can help sell future customers for you. The more positive reviews you receive, the more people will want to hire you, etc..

Flyers Done Right
Many landscaping contractors place generic business cards in every single mailbox in the neighborhood. Business cards may be cheap to print up, but this marketing technique gives the homeowner no reason to call and hire the contractor.

A better strategy is to print a larger 4-color postcard or flyer that includes before and after photos of jobs you've done, specific services you offer, the benefits to using your service, customer testimonials and a phone number that people can call for a free quote. You can also include a list of useful tree care tips for homeowners (example). This positions you as an expert and as a nice person. Consumers typically like to work with these types of people. 

Distribute the flyers only to homes that have larger trees or that may look like they could use their service. This way, you'll distribute less, so you'll keep your advertising costs down - but you'll be targeting only the people who would buy from you anyway.


Tree Trimming Business Resources:


Tree Trimming Business Associations:

Tree Care Industry Association
TCIA provides tree care companies and professional arborists with safety and educational programs, meetings, publications and guidelines for tree service operations, ANSI A300 tree care standards.

Landscape Network
An organization that connects customers to landscaping and lawn care contractors.

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