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How to Start a Tour Business or Work as a Tour Guide

As long as you enjoy being around people, you can enjoy the fun lifestyle of a tour guide operator - you don't even have to like traveling. Read on and you'll understand why.

Whether you decide you want to travel the world as a tour guide - or simply provide tours in your local area, there are more opportunities than you can imagine.

Tourists will pay to experience something unique and interesting - even if you find it "commonplace" because it's in your own backyard. (You can understand - we've all been tourists at some point).

And don't forget that people don't just want to see things - they want to do stuff. There are numerous tour companies that revolve around sports activities - whether it's as extreme or adventurous as mountain biking or rock climbing - or as simple and relaxing as walking.

Some companies provide equipment and gear - others don't or partner with another company who will. When you design your business to meet both your needs and your clients needs - you will be the happiest.

Learn to become a tour guide operator from Cherie Anderson - who has worked successfully as a tour guide operator for 20 years and has trained people to become tour guide operators for over 6 years. Who better to learn from?

She shows you how to work in the tour guide field - how to get hired by a professional company - or start your own successful tour guide business.

Tour Operator Business Another very good resource is Marc Mancini's "Conducting Tours". Mancini is a well-known travel industry speaker who has worked with large companies such as American Airlines, Carlson Group and American Express. He shares the secrets to conducting a successful tour - and especially important - how to address common challenges that you may encounter.

Some other helpful online resources that you can use to get insight into the tour guide industry are the United States Tour Operator Association (www.ustoa.com) which represents the tour operator industry and the National Business Travel Association (www.nbta.org), which offers useful and up-to-date information on the travel industry.

A tour guide certification is not required to start your own tour operator business, but it is recommended, especially if you want to gain additional training in the travel field that can help your business, Penn Foster offers an at-home "Travel and Tourism Specialist" training program as well.

Wondering about customers? Infohub.com is the perfect website on which to advertise a tour business. This travel website features all sorts of unique travel and tour ideas worldwide - specifically for your target market - the traveler looking for organized trips or unique travel.

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