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How to Start an Errand Running Business 1-2-3

If you are looking for a simple business - yet you don't want to be bored staying at home, this may be the ideal work for you. By helping people out with their daily or weekly tasks, this work can be extremely gratifying - as you are helping people accomplishing necessary tasks.

If you have limited business experience and start-up capital, errand running is an easy business to start. Many times, you can use the skills you already have and earn between $25 and $50 an hour. Errand runners work with companies, individuals or both.

There are a variety of errand running jobs listed online which can include grocery shopping, providing transportation, light housekeeping, dry cleaning drop off, etc. Busy families with children often need help and there are a growing number of elderly households that need errands run as well.

What Type of Work Can You Do?

easy home based businessAs an errand runner or personal concierge, you can get paid to handle a variety of different errands. For example, making deliveries, miscellaneous shopping tasks, chauffeuring children, making reservations, administrative jobs, housesitting, pet care, event assistance, transportation service, meal preparation or pick-up, meeting planning, reminder services and lots more.

Offering a variety of different tasks to clients means that you can make life easier for them - while generating more money for your business. Find out how successful errand business owners started their own businesses...

Errand Running/Concierge Start-Up PlanGo!


Checklist: Starting a Concierge Business:

1. Obtain a general business license.

2. Set up a business bank account with your local bank. It is important to keep your errand-running business and personal finances separate.

3. Arrange a meeting with an accountant to discuss tax strategies and ways to maximize your business tax deductions. You can get referrals from other business owners you know or sometimes your banker.

4. Register your business name with the county clerk.

5. If you are responsible for customer's items or you are transporting people, look into getting business insurance. You may not need that much, but it's important to have it if an accident happens. Check online for free quotes.

6. Order business cards. These are essential if you want prospects to take you seriously. They can also be an easy way to win more clients: offer a first-time customer discount on the reverse side of your business cards! Get even more professional with your own custom logo see how you can do it cheaply yourself.

7. Get a website. Save money by creating your own site. This is a great place to list your services, testimonials from customers, a photo of you and information on your background. This will help you develop trust with potential clients, therefore bringing you more customers.

8. Advertise: Care4Hire is a website that connects caregivers with clients who need to hire help. If you offer miscellanous errand services, you can register as a "Misc Helper" so that clients can find you online. See also: Local Search Advertising

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