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How to Start a Supply Company or Wholesale Supply Business 1-2-3

Whether your are selling supplies at retail or you are a wholesale supply company, you typically will need a business license and possibly a seller's permit - depending on your particular business.

Register your business name with the county clerk (contact your local county office for instructions), or incorporate your supply business.

Set up a business bank account with your local bank. t is important to keep your supply business and personal finances separate, and often your banker can help find financing for your business.

Meet with an accountant to discuss tax strategies and ways to maximize your business tax deductions. If you need the name of an accountant, talk to local business owners whom you know. They may have some recommendations of people you can trust.

Meet with an insurance agent to discuss insurance requirements and options for your supply business. The IIABA (Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America) can be a good place to start. You can also get free insurance quotes online.

Supply Company Business Plans

An important part of starting a supply company is putting together a business plan before you launch your business. By planning, you can more successfully estimate start-up costs and a realistic operating budget. You can also get a head start on marketing, and you'll find it easier to acquire financing.

If you've never written a business plan before, it can be helpful to use a business plan template of a supply-type business. This way, you don't have to waste time starting from scratch and you have a step-by-step guideline to follow. Simply enter the information needed for your particular business.

Find Wholesale Supplies to Sell

Find wholesale merchandise and suppliers online. Search for any wholesale items and find a variety of companies who have what you want. Compare offers to get the best price. No membership required. Plus, learn about industry trends and the best bargain sources in their wholesale forum. Get Deals on Wholesale Supplies & Equipment

Finding Customers to Buy Your Supplies
  1. Submit Your Website to Search Engines
    If your business has a website, it's important to get listed in the search engines, because that is where most shoppers start looking for products and services. There are a variety of ways you can do this, and it doesn't have to cost a lot of money. In fact, you can submit your site for as little as... free. Submit Your Website

  2. Get Listed in Local Search Directories
    Some people don't use the yellow pages or local newspapers or publications to find products and services in their city - they look online, and you don't want to miss out on this growing group of customers. Local Search is an advertising space that is an easy, low cost way to reach your local target market.

  3. Postcard Marketing
    Do a postcard mailing to introduce your supply company to potential customers in your area. Using low-cost online services makes this an easy marketing task. First, decide on a special offer or hold a grand opening sale. Second, design your postcards online using professional postcard templates with VistaPrint (you can get 50% off here). And third, get targeted leads from a lead generation company like Resource Nation.

  4. Email Marketing
    Home Business ExpertIf you have a website or online store for your supply business, you can save even more money by marketing to your customers by email. No email list? No problem. Email marketing companies like ConstantContact will help you build a customer list with their customizable website sign-up form.

    They also give you email templates you can use to design professional emails. Their program delivers emails for you, and they include real-time reporting. You can try their service free for 60 days, no credit card is required. Start now: ConstantContact 60-day free trial.

  5. 29 Ways to Find Supply Customers
    Find out what promotion strategies work - from experts. Get many more low cost, easy and even free marketing tricks with this downloadable guide >> Small Business Marketing Strategies

Supply Business Resources:

Set up your business phone system. Whether you use a toll-free 800 phone number, a multi-line phone system, VoIP or simply add an additional phone number to your existing service, you'll want a designated line to establish a professional business image.

What Do You Need to Know to Start a Wholesale Supply Business?

One of the first steps in starting a wholesale business is putting in the effort required to research and learn all the ins and outs of such a business. You do not always sell your products to the general public when you own a wholesale business. You buy large volumes from major distributors and manufacturers at lower unit rates. You then mark up the item before selling to the vendors, retailers or general public. Your profit is the mark up after deducting your related expenses.

A major part of that research is choosing which product makes the most sense to market and sell. A few specific products have proven to be quite successful for the small wholesale business. For example, small fortunes have been made with jewelry, clothing, electronics, and silver wholesaling.

Suppose we take wholesale clothing as an example. You would need to decide whether you wanted to be a general clothing seller or you wanted to specialize in a smaller niche. If you are a general clothing wholesaler, you sell any size clothes to women, men and children. You dedicate your marketing to one area if you decide to focus on a specific niche. And, the set up of your wholesale business depends on the product niche you decide on. Next, your buyers are the clothing retailers you visit and attempt to sign up. Develop a business relationship with these retailers by introducing them to your business. Always bring product samples and your price list with you when you visit. Visit local retail shops first. They are often easier to talk to and you never know when an immediate sale can be made.

Your choice of distributor or manufacturer should be a legitimate business capable of delivering the product(s) they market on their website. Websites are easy to develop these days so fraudulent distributors are online everywhere. Information these scammers have on their websites should be checked out by phone first. Items may also be ordered as a test before making full orders from them. Most importantly - try to find distributors willing to work with you on a no cash upfront basis. Their products may be kept on consignment. In which case, you only pay for them when you have collected money from your own customers.

Many larger distributors are now ready to work with in this type of partnership arrangement. You essentially become their unpaid sales force. Online wholesale businesses are where it's at these days. Only a minimum investment is required to set one up for yourself. You can also find the wholesale supplier online that will sell your product. Starting your business in retail drop shipping is a good move these days. The scope of many businesses is becoming international and targeting buyers of many nationalities.

A partnership of this kind is perfect for you to start drop shipping. It frees you from concerns related to your new venture capital requirements. Your own business and fashion sense are very important when you choose to start a wholesale clothing business. Your fashion sense will dictate what you will sell; otherwise, you will not enjoy your selling activities. Furthermore, no matter what you choose to sell you should be clear on the supply and demand in the market. The operation of your wholesale shop gets quite difficult without this balance between supply and demand.

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