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How to Start a Senior Travel Business 1-2-3

There are many areas of senior travel that you can focus on. For example, some retirees may be interested in taking a vacation where they can learn more, whether it be a class or visiting a historical site.

Others may be interested in a volunteering trip, where they can take the opportunity to give back in a unique and memorable way. There's also the out-of-doors or adventure travel type who want to go hiking, camping or river rafting.

Seniors may want an organized vacation with a group of other seniors, or a planned activity with close family. In either case, you want to take the work out of the planning and customize a trip specifically for their needs.

What you want to do is decide on a "niche" of senior travel that interests you and specialize in that rather than trying to provide an all-in-one solution. You will have less competition and have an easier time trying to gain clientele. You will also have a better chance of building a repeat customer base with customers who enjoy a specific type of vacation.

The first step: What do you want to do?
  • To plan vacations for seniors as a travel agent click here.
  • To organize, manage and lead tours and trips for seniors click here.

More Resources for Starting a Senior Travel Business:

Start Your Own Senior Services Business

This start-up guide provides instruction on setting up a variety of different senior service businesses in addition to a senior travel service. This can actually be helpful if you are considering a couple of different niches.

Find out how to create a business that meets the needs and therefore attracts your target market. Learn how to establish the best pricing for both you and your clients. Get insight on developing a support team that helps grow your business and the secrets to effective marketing and getting ongoing referrals.

The Senior Journal Website has a section dedicated to travel ideas, news and solutions specifically for senior citizens. When starting your own senior travel business, this is a good site to look for ideas about your target market and what it wants. AARP also offers good insight into the senior citizen market.

Travel Spot will let you become a partner with them for free and start your own online travel business using their online travel booking system. Get a private branded site (already set up) that offers flights, hotel, cars, activities, featured deals and insurance to your website visitors.

Finding Customers:

A big part of running a successful senior-focused business is marketing to your mature target market the right way. This article has some advice from the field.

RealAdventures.com is a website that lists all sorts of unique vacations and rentals. If you want to start a senior travel business offering trips like golf vacations, bird watching excursions, cooking schools, wine tasting tours, etc., this is a great place to list these activities.

Another way to reach the senior citizen market online is to advertise your senior travel service on websites where seniors go to get information, like SeniorJournal.com, SuddenlySenior.com or SeniorMag.com.

High-traffic areas in your community, like libraries or your church can also be good spots to get the word out. You can create brochures or flyers with high-quality images and design layouts without spending a lot of money.

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