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How to Start a Quilting Business 1-2-3

Start by putting together a business plan that includes specifics about the products you will create, the target market your will sell them to and how you will market your quilts.

Business planning software or business plan templates simplifies this job. You can even view a sample quilting business plan for free. If you are new to entrepreneurship, this is a great way to get ideas of how to develop your own quilting business.

Decide on a company name and register your business name with your city or county clerk. You may also want to take a look at getting a business license and a seller's permit.

At some point, you also want to open a business bank account so you can keep your personal and business finances separate with two different accounts. With a business account, you can write checks from your business account and accept checks made out to your business name from retailers and customers.

If you are serious about turning your quilting hobby into a money-making business, Professional Quilter Carol Thelen offers valuable advice that basically walks you through the process of starting your own quilting business.

Carol gives ideas on different services you can offer, how to find clients and how much to charge to run a profitable quilting business. With forms, worksheets and instructions included, quilters can focus on quilting rather than spending months trying to figure out how to run a business.

  • Start-up Costs including licenses, taxes, insurance and business supplies
  • Finding Customers using marketing materials, ads, referrals and quilt shops
  • Day-to-Day Management Tips like scheduling your time, working with clients
  • Worksheets Included Free

How to Run a Successful Quilting Business


Finding Customers & Selling Your Quilts

Great website for craftspeople who want to sell their crafts online - use their website as your storefront! Also see Artfire, HandmadeCatalog.com, Artsefest.com and SellCraftsOnline.org.

More Ways to Sell Your Quilts:

Conduct a Quilting Workshop
By conducting a free quilting workshop, you can effectively let the public know about your quilting services without spending a lot of advertising dollars.

Become a "Betterist" on Betterfly.com helping site visitors learn new skills via your knowledge and experience. It's great exposure for your quilting business, plus you can promote special offers to gain new clients.

Sponsor a Meetup Group
Meetup is a website that hosts a wide variety of different interest groups in thousands of different locations. Each of these groups has members with similar interests who generally live in the same area. This is a good way for businesses to reach local clientele, but businesses don't have to be local, and you can sponsor multiple Meetup groups.

Quilting Business Resources: 

Do you need materials, supplies or equipment for your business? You can get wholesale quilting supplies at The Quiltworks Online or New England Quilt Supply including patterns, notions and fabric.

Quilting Business Organizations

National Quilting Organization
This organization helps create, stimulate, maintain, and record an interest in all matters pertaining to the making, collecting, and preserving of quilts.

International Association of Professional Quilters
They empower quilting professionals to succeed in business through education, professional development and networking resources.

2014 Home Business Start-up Checklist!

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