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How to Start a Photography Business 1-2-3

If you enjoy photography, there are so many ways you can money taking and selling your photographs.

For example, you could become a wedding photographer, do sports photography, wildlife photos or open your own portrait studio.

First, choose a type of photography in which to specialize. Focusing on a smaller niche market makes it easier to attract clients.

Next, decide where you want to work. For example, operating a home-based photo business, running a mobile photography business or leasing a retail storefront. What works best with your schedule and work style?

Photography Training:

Do you need specialized photography training or certification to run a business? Although not required, extra training and achievement always impresses customers and be an easy way to have a "step up" on your competitors.

The bottom line is that with starting a photography business (like any company), you want to get guidance from an expert - a photography business expert. But why pay for expensive training when you can learn from pros at a fraction of the cost?


No matter what you choose - to work from home, open your own portrait studio, offering a mobile photography service or selling photos online, the same business principles apply.

Get help from Professional Photographer Michelle Valberg, Olympic Photographer Mike Copeman and award-winning studio and wedding photographers Anthony Cava and Mike Cava.

See what you get:

  • How to teach yourself basic photography without going to school, plus how to build your portrait portfolio

  • As Seen in Oprah's NewsletterAdvice on photography equipment & supplies - where to buy, lighting requirements and how to save money and start a business on tight budget

  • How to get new clients with free publicity, arranging "portrait parties", making big money at trade shows and a list of online photography directories that you can get into

Go!Become a Professional Photographer


Photography Business Equipment & Supplies


Photography Business Marketing

Home-based photographers are making up to $200/day without having lots of expensive equipment or years of experience. Actually, there are many companies nationwide looking for photographers, but many people don't know the extent of the opportunities available.

Where Can You Sell Photos Online?

Photographers can easily use the internet to market and sell their photos online - not just traditional photography but digital format as well. You can also sell stock photos. The cost of setting up a website or advertising in an online marketplace is much lower than leasing a storefront or paying for a photo studio. Selling photographs online can be the ideal way for a budget-conscious entrepreneur to launch a business.

So how do you do this? If you to sell photos online, below are some resource where you can sell photos online for free or very little expense.

Online Marketplaces and Sites to Sell Photos

Probably the simplest way to sell your photos on the web is through online marketplaces. Sites that target buyers shopping specifically for photographs are the best, but you are not limited to those.

The benefit to using an online marketplace to sell your photos is that usually these sites are already attracting significant traffic. Not only do these sites get lots of visitors, the people are generally highly qualified and ready to buy.

Some of the marketplaces are free to use, while others charge a store set-up fee, a monthly charge or a transaction fee. Here is a list of 18 online marketplaces where you can sell your products on the internet.

  • Postcard Marketing
    Mail postcards to local businesses in your area explaining your service and how they can profit from it. This simple technique is easier than personally visiting each location and cheaper than sending standard-sized mailers. Offer a free gift as an incentive to contact you or visit your website.
    Click here >> Postcard Marketing

  • Print Brochures Showing Your Services and Expertise
    Don't just tell people about your photography business - show them! Pictures are worth a thousand words, and brochures can present a professional company image - while selling your services to potential clients at the same time.

    You want to use quality materials and photos if you can, but company brochures don't have to be expensive. You can use programs online to design your own brochures, and have them automatically printed for you at a discounted price.

  • Freelance Job Sites: Find photography freelance jobs online

Photography Business Resources: 

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Photography Business Associations:

Photographic Society of America | NANP Association | Photo Marketing Association

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