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Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Business Start-Up Kits & Forms

Are you ready to start your own professional pet sitting business? You want to get the forms and instructions you need in order to make your business easier to run and more profitable.

Learn from someone who has already done it - Kristin Morrison is a professional in the pet business. She has successfully run her own pet care business and now is teaching others to do the same.

Either as a start-up entrepreneur or as an experienced business owner, you will find that her pet business forms and kits are the ideal solution for your pet business needs.

All pet sitting start up kits, contracts and forms are downloadable immediately upon purchase so you can start your business today!

Business Start-Up Kit For Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers

This Business Start-up Kit for Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers can help you successfully start or expand your business.

You'll receive Coach Kristin's tips and tools for how to start your pet sitting business. Checklists for Overnight Pet Sitting and Pet Visit Jobs will show you what the standard duties are for these particular services.

The Client Questionnaire will be invaluable in getting you the client feedback you need to help you run your successful pet sitting and dog walking business. Plus, you'll find the Client Contracts for Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Clients are essential in clarifying cancellation policies, non-solicitation of staff by your clients and other important details that are crucial to creating a firm foundation for your business in addition to saving you time, money and confusion.

Why reinvent the wheel? Get this proven method for starting a business and begin doing what you love!

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Business Hiring Kit: For Hiring Pet Sitting/Dog Walking Staff

Coach Kristin's Business Hiring Kit: for Hiring Pet Sitting/Dog Walking Staff contains everything you need to hire great pet sitters and dog walkers.

Do you want to make six-figures as a pet sitter? Hiring good staff is crucial to expansion. You are one person and can only take care of so many pets - to make real money requires pet sitting and dog walking staff.

And not just anyone will do! Are you worried that you don't have what it takes to hire good people? This packet will show you how to easily and effortlessly find, hire and keep good pet sitters and dog walkers!

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

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 Client Interview/Intake Form for Pet Sitting

(Contains 1 single-page intake form) $15

When you go to a client's home you want a simple and effective form that won't take a long time to fill out. Your customers will appreciate you making their task easier and are likely to remember you for it.

Whether you are meeting an overnight pet sitting client or a vacation visit client, this customer interview/intake form gets you the information you need, and it makes you look professional. Clients are more likely to trust you with their pets and be proud to refer you to other pet owners.

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Checklist for Overnight Pet Sitting Jobs

(Contains 1 single-page checklist) $12

It's so important to make sure you do all that is required to keep your overnight pet sitting clients (and their pets) happy. This checklist was developed for just that purpose after more than 5,000 overnight pet sitting reservations that Kristin's pet sitting company has done in the years she's run her own pet sitting business. If you need to delete or add any item on this checklist you are welcome to do that and what's more - it's easy to change.

This instantly downloadable checklist also contains a mini-contract that your independent contractors can sign to state that they will do all items on the checklist. If an important checklist item is not done to your satisfaction then they are willing to have money deducted from their check. This way both you and your clients are protected from having to pay out money for services that are not properly rendered.

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Checklist for Pet Visit Jobs

(Contains 1 single-page checklist) $12

If you a new or fairly new pet sitter who doesn't know exactly what needs to be done for morning and evening dog and cat visits or if you have pet care staff who need a clear checklist of what needs to be done then this checklist is for you.

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This downloadable checklist also contains a mini-contract to have your independent contractors sign stating that they will do all items on the checklist. If an important checklist item is not done to your satisfaction then they are willing to refund money from their check to your client. Protect yourself and your clients! Purchase this checklist today. Click here for more information

Contracts for Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Clients

(Contains 2 single-page contracts) $55

Both of these contracts have been fine-tuned and developed over the many years that Kristin has run her pet sitting company. These contracts are effective in creating a solid foundation and structure for your company: One contract is specifically designed for your overnight pet sitting and vacation visit clients and the other is specifically for your dog walking clients.

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Whether you are just starting your pet sitting or dog walking business or whether you've owned your business for years, these two contacts will assist you in setting firm company policies with your pet sitting and dog walking clients.

Unlike most contacts for pet sitters, this pet sitting contract clearly defines both summer / holiday cancellation policies and proven cancellation policies during the less-busy months.

Both contracts also have clear boundary-setting for your clients regarding the fact that you don't allow solicitation of your staff for their own use without your involvement. They also state what will and will not be covered should injury arise to staff member or client animal. Have a policy you want to add? You can easily customize these contracts to reflect your own business needs.

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Client Questionnaire

(Contains 1 single-page questionnaire) $35

Here is the simple and effective client questionnaire that will give you the communication from your clients that you want and need to run a successful pet care company! Clients will appreciate how easy and quick it is to fill out, especially after returning from a long trip. It's simple to use. Just leave the questionnaire on your last pet visit for your client to fill out or if you prefer, you can mail or email it to your clients along with their bill.

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Clients aren't always willing to call you to give you feedback. With this form they will be more apt to let you know how you or your staff did. There is also a section on this form that includes a spot for clients to give permission to be a referral for your company. Feel free to customize this questionnaire for you own company's use or you can use it as is.

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Employee/Independent Contractor Application Packet

(8-page info packet) $75

It took Coach Kristin a few years to invent this packet but she did--after many wasted hours of interviewing unsuitable people to pet sit and dog walk for her company. You will be absolutely amazed at how just a few pages will save you so much time and energy! Kristin has sold this packet to hundreds of pet sitting and dog walking business owners from across the country. She's received feedback that the Application Packet has been invaluable in helped pet sitting business owners hire the perfect staff members. Are you looking for a simple and effective solution to hiring? This is THE formula for hiring great pet sitters and dog walkers for your company!

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You can edit this Application Packet to match your business needs. Includes a letter from Kristin clearly detailing how this packet can best help you. You'll also receive some great hiring tips that have helped her and her coaching clients hire great staff over the years. Kristin has hired over 250 pet sitters in the course of running her business! You'll get all of that wisdom in this simple and effective packet.

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Welcome Packet for the New Staff Member

(6-page packet) $55

Okay, so thanks to the Application Packet (see above) you've hired your great pet sitters and/or dog walkers - now what?

The packet clearly defines all of the duties involved in both overnight pet sitting and am/pm cat and dog pet visits. The Welcome Packet includes 2 checklists which detail exactly what the sitter or dog walker will do when he or she works for you. If you have duties that aren't already on the checklist-no problem. You can simply add them on.

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The Welcome Packet also contains 2 separate client interview sheets (there is one for overnight pet sitters and pet visitors and one mid-day dog walkers). This will help you and your staff get the information you need to get at client meetings. Upon purchase, You'll also receive tips and tools from Coach Kristin showing how this packet can best be used for you.

The Welcome Packet will be emailed to you immediately upon order. What are you waiting for? Buy it today and welcome that new staff member this week!

The New Staff Member Contract

Contains 1 single-page contract $35

Coach Kristin developed this specifically for staff members who are hired for her own pet sitting business. You'll find that this contract clearly defines what will and will not be covered through their employment with your company. This Staff Contract also contains a non-compete clause which protects you and your company from the a staff member "taking" the specific clients that they pet sit or walk for through your company. It's easy to protect your business with this simple and effective contract.

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