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How to Start a Party Planning Business 1-2-3

If you are a social butterfly, you can have a dream career that won't even feel like work! This step-by-step party planning business start-up guide covers everything from equipment needed to legal requirements to financial management to day-to-day operations.

You have so many options in the party-planning business. If you want to be more involved in the party, become the entertainment and make money as a children's party entertainer.

If you want to focus more on parties that cater to adults, or maybe on a smaller scale that don't involve as much time or effort, consider jewelry parties. These are becoming a more popular form of entertainment, and making money. Use this guide, How to Start a Jewelry Party Business, to get started.

Are you a night owl - or do you love music? Become a Nightclub or Party Promoter and get to live the nightlife while you are getting paid. The flip side of the party business is that many parties need supplies and larger equipment that people would rather rent than buy. Providing this equipment can provide a lucrative income without a lot of work, but you'll usually need more start-up capital to purchase the rental equipment.

Start a Party Planning BusinessParty Planner Start-Up Guide
  • Find out how to choose a party theme, calculate a budget, plan an organizational timeline and prepare and present a party proposal that clients will accept.
  • As Seen in Oprah's NewsletterGet tips on creating and sending unique party invitations, serving food and drink, choosing the right music and entertainment, stylish (yet affordable) decorations and fun party activities.
  • How to attract clients, price your services and easily get paid. Plus all the sample forms you could ever want for your party planning business, included free.

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Party Planning Business Resources:

How to Start a Personal Concierge Business

Americans are working harder than ever. As a result more and more people are willing to pay good money for services that make their lives easier.

As a Personal Concierge, your business and personal clients will hire you to help them out with everyday tasks. This is the ideal work for someone who enjoys feeling needed and appreciated. Your work can be interesting and varied - no two days are the same.

And start-up is minimal, with little time and equipment needed, you can get started virtually right away with very little money or risk. In fact, this can be a great part-time business, if you already have an active schedule. Learn from Concierge Expert Jennifer James, who ran her own successful Concierge Business before helping other people start their own businesses.

Find out:

  • What it takes to get a concierge business started: costs equipment, advertising and "the fine print"
  • Legal and accounting services, taxes, finances plus daily operations in a concierge business
  • Getting the word out: advertising and marketing tips to make your "work" easier

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Get Your Customers

Take the guesswork out of finding customers by picking up the best marketing guide I've found. You'll find out free and extremely low cost ways to attract new clients to your business with very little effort - saving you tons of money

Respected Small Business Marketing Expert David Frey shows you how to implement these strategies right away, for immediate profit. The Ultimate Small Business Marketing Resource

Print Brochures Showing Your Services and Expertise

Don't just tell people about your party planning business - show them! Pictures are worth a thousand words, and brochures can present a professional company image - while selling your services to potential clients at the same time.

You want to use quality materials and photos if you can, but company brochures don't have to be expensive. You can use programs online to design your own brochures, and have them automatically printed for you at a discounted price.

Help people find you in the search engines: get listed in 20 search engines for free or in 300 search engines for $4.

Local Search is becoming more and more popular. People are many times using online search instead of the traditional yellow pages to find local businesses. Local Search sources that are affordable and receive substantial traffic include: Google Local, Yelp, Super Pages and Insider Pages.

Free Business Cards - Give them to people in your neighborhood, network with people you know, leave them with stores, offices and other places that busy professionals tend to hang out. With over 300 professional business card designs and easy-to-use templates, creation is a snap, and printing is done for you. Free Business Cards. See also: Design Your Own Logo.

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