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Companies can increase their bottom line profits simply by improving their customer service. It can be challenging and time-consuming trying to contact customers and extract feedback about their shopping experience and the service they received.

Often large companies will hire "mystery shoppers" to get the feedback they need - and the customer service improvements they make can often offset the costs of paying a mystery shopper. In today's highly competitive marketplace, companies are even more interesting in fixing what is wrong and improving upon what is right.

Mystery shoppers get paid for their observation of the business and to answer specific questions that the client provides - rather than offering an opinion. Positive feedback can be just as valuable as negative feedback. Mystery shoppers are not hired only to find out what is wrong.

Although there is mystery shopping work available on either an independent contract or full-time basis, it can be challenging finding these "jobs", as there are many people who want to do this type of work, and specific skills are not really required.

Finding quality mystery shopping jobs can be considered a skill in itself - and this is what this guide shows you.

Find out:

  • How to educate yourself as a mystery shopper and how to get certified. Tips to help you avoid common mistakes, plus 4 important skills that help you get hired.

  • mystery shopping jobHow to keep the jobs coming, get better shopping assignments and increase your pay.

  • Direct links to over 60 reputable mystery shopping companies.

  • This guide also shows you how to get work displaying merchandise and giving companies feedback on new products.

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