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How to Start a Mobile DJ Business 1-2-3

If you enjoy music and the social scene, you can make good money as a DJ, and you don't even have to play an instrument. However, this popular industry is competitive.

If you want to succeed in the DJ business, you need to stay ahead of your competition. You not only need to know how to be a DJ, you need to be good at mixing music.

You can learn on your own: Getting started can be the hardest part, which is why it makes sense to get insider tips from experienced DJs.

Professional Disc Jockey Sean Gallagher got started in the industry without knowing anything about the DJ business. He didn't know anything about equipment, beatmatching or even how to get gigs. He went from a struggling beginner to a successful DJ, but he still remembers what it was like to get started.

He spills some of his secrets to success in videos that you can check out online. As you'll see, he's a really down-to-earth guy - and who better to learn from than someone who has already "worked in the trenches"...

How to Start a DJ Business (online videos)

Getting DJ Equipment:

Find all sorts of DJ equipment online at Music 123 . They've got a large selection, low prices and free shipping (turntables, DJ CD or MP3 players, DJ controllers and interfaces, complete DJ packages, entertainment accessories, etc..).

Are you just starting your DJ business? They have complete DJ Systems in a wide range or prices - to fit any budget. Check out the popular DJ package below that the pros use. It includes two direct drive turntables, a dual channel DJ mixer, a pair of flexible 7-position dual headphones and all necessary cables.

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Marketing Your DJ Business

After you have put together a demo recording (see How to Become a DJ), advertise it for free on social media networks. You may surprised at how your network of friends and associates can do free advertising for you.

Here are some popular social media sites that you can join for free and start gaining followers, networking and generating leads vary quickly. See what other members are writing or adding on their pages to get ideas of what works.

1. Advertise Locally Online With a large number of cell phone users transitioning over to smartphones, there is a growing number of people searching online for products and services. Rather than paying for an expensive business listing in your local yellow pages, you may find your money better spent advertising in online local directories and search engines like Google Local, Yelp, Super Pages.

2. Use mobile signs to get the word out about your business. This is simple and cheap and doesn't require you to "sell". Custom car door magnets can give you great exposure while driving and while parked. Design your own signs online for cheap - along with banners and signs you can use at venues.

3. Set up a website to advertise your DJ services for under $3/month. You can include videos, audio recordings, DJ demos and your contact information for potential customers. You can also use a website to collect contact information from prospects.

4. Email marketing companies like ConstantContact will help you build a customer list with their customizable website sign-up form. You can try their service free for 60 Days, no credit card required.

Mobile DJ Business Resources: 

The Mobile DJ Handbook

With over 25 years experience as a Mobile DJ herself - in addition to being a club a well-known radio disc jockey - Stacey Zemon was an actual pioneer in the DJ music industry. She shares what it takes to be a successful DJ, with some creative ideas on "making it" in this exciting field, like...

  • Where to find DJ schools and apprenticeships
  • How to register your DJ service & obtain insurance
  • Bookkeeping, accounting and legal advice
  • How to successfully deal with clients and establish a reputation
  • Different money-making party ideas
  • Where to get your equipment, what gear you need, how to transport it, set it up and more
  • 17 ways you can advertise your business and how to maximize your profit
  • Helpful hints for getting the crowd going, music library essentials
  • Letterhead and contracts samples

The Mobile DJ Handbook

DJ Associations
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