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How to Start a Massage Business 1-2-3

Starting Out in the Massage Business:

Whether for therapy, relaxation or rehabilitation, massage therapists are in high demand. Many clients use massage therapy on a regular basis, while others for special occasions or medical treatment.

Sports Massage Therapy is a growing field and is one of the most profitable forms of massage services. Sports therapists help relieve athletes of pain, stress and can actually help them heal from injuries.

Massage Business Start-up Checklist:

1.Get trained in massage. You will need to achieve a certain number of educational hours in massage in order to apply for a massage license, which you will need in order to become a massage therapist.

You can find out the licensing requirements for your state by visiting MassageRegister.com. Find a massage school near you by searching on NaturalHealers.com.

2. In addition to your massage license, you will also need a general business license. Start by choosing a business name, register it with your county clerk and then apply for your business license with your city.

3. Choose a location where you will be conducting your practice. If you decide to meet clients in your home, you'll need to check zoning requirements in your neighborhood to make sure your city allows it. If you are looking for a local office space that you can rent, you can use Office Finder to find office space in your area that meets you budget.

4. Open a business bank account and establish a merchant account for accepting credit cards. This way, you give clients payment options, which will increase the number of customers who will do business with you. It also helps you keep personal and business finances separate, which will save you time and money on taxes and annual accounting tasks.

TIP: To save money, you can get low-cost accounting software to handle your business bookkeeping or you can hire a bookkeeper.

5. Liability insurance is highly recommended for massage practitioners, as you work one-on-one with clients on issues that may be health-related. You never know when a customer may have a complaint that where you will wish that you had insurance, so it's best to be prepared. You may be able to get a discounted rate through the National Association of Massage Therapists. Be sure to compare multiple price quotes before making a decision.

Massage Table 6. Acquire supplies and equipment. This not only includes a massage table, headrests, massage oils, table coverings, back rollers, etc.. but also office equipment, business cards and business forms.

8. Get a website. Save money by making your own with a free website builder. Your website is a great place to display images of your location, staff, your background, a list of services you provide, a map to your office, coupons, customer testimonials and more.

Getting Started:

Sharon Alfonso is a Registered Massage Therapist and Massage Business Owner. She is also a good resource if you want to know what it takes to succeed in this field. She shares her own business experiences plus lots of tips from other successful massage therapists so you can succeed.

Person Getting MassageWith her marketing advice, you'll also be able to avoid the common problem of not being able to find clients. We think this is a great start-up guide, see what you get:

  • As Seen in Oprah's NewsletterStep-by-Step: Renting work space vs massage therapy at home, plus massage therapy equipment and supplies you will need
  • Marketing: how to find customers for your massage business, get free media publicity, referrals and attract massage clients at health/wellness events
  • Tips for setting fees & accepting payments by insurance
  • Free Samples Included: contracts, news release, business plan, letters, marketing materials and more

Go!Massage Therapist Start-Up Guide

Massage Business Advertising

An easy way to meet potential clients and get referrals for free without having to give a sales pitch is to get involved in your community. Join professional groups and industry organizations to network with others. Participate and plan events involving people in your local neighborhood.

The more active you are, the more word will get around about who you are and what you do. You'd be surprised that how the friendships you make can turn into business opportunities - simply because people like you. How to find your first massage clients

Use Online Group Discount Sites

I've seen lots of massage therapists find new clients using this strategy. I think the reason is that many people don't realize the multiple benefits of a massage until they experience it for themselves.

Online group discount sites like Groupon enable brand new businesses to attract lots of new clients quickly and start building their businesses fast. Another nice benefit to using this marketing technique is that you don't have to incur any up-front marketing costs. The cost of advertising through Groupon is deducted from the income you earn from new client bookings.

"Make Your Massage Therapy Business Thrive"

This is a free ebook from massage therapist Amy Roberts that covers a variety of customer-getting techniques, including how to understand what your target market wants and how to break into new markets.

Massage Business Resources:

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2014 Home Business Start-up Checklist!

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