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How to Start a Mail Order Business 1-2-3

With the growth of the internet and our constantly busy lifestyles, mail order is a booming business. Many mail order catalog businesses have incorporated the internet into their strategies to gain a bigger market share without incurring a huge cost.

To run a mail order business, you don't have to operate out of a huge warehouse with hundreds of employees. You can be successful with your own mail order company, operating as a one-person business, right from your own kitchen table.

Even is you operate your mail order company from home, you most likely will still need to get a business license. If you have a business name, you will also want to register your company name with your county clerk. Also check with your city on zoning regulations regarding operating a business from your home.

Open a bank account for your company, and obtain financing if you need it. Set up a basic bookkeeping system to keep track of expenses and income. You can hire a bookkeeper or track the numbers yourself using an inexpensive accounting software program.

Choose the products you will sell and how you will sell them (mail order catalogs, online store, etc..) Get any business forms you need, design a logo, order business cards and set up a 800 phone number (as low as $2/month).

Entrepreneur Press has put together a complete start-up guide for people who want to run a convenient and profitable mail order business from home.

  • How to Start Your Own Mail Order BusinessLearn how to estimate start-up costs, the best products to choose and profitable pricing strategies.

  • Find out how to create amazing brochures, money-making websites get high-response mailing lists and even how to save money on advertising.

  • Get step-by-step guidance through start-up and daily operations, including insider advice from successful mail order entrepreneurs.

  • Now you can download it too... 

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Mail Order Business Resources 

Duplication Products & Services

Print Your Own Postage - Made Easy!

Print Postage at HomeDo you want to avoid the drive and the long line at the Post Office? Do you want to save money shipping packages and parcels? Do you want to a professional look on your mail packages?

Your solution may be easier than you think - and right under your nose. Printing your own postage at home has lots of benefits - saving you time any money, even if you are just mailing a few letters or packages a week.

And now that "home-based post offices" are becoming more and more popular, I've found that the options have increased as well - if you are a small business, you don't have to pay for more than you need.

Mailstation Digital Postage Meter (All-purpose for low volume mailing)

- Postage rates are calculated automatically with built-in scale
- Print exact postage
- Automatically updates NEW postal rates

Personal Post Postage Meter (Entry level meter - an inexpensive alternative to stamps)

- Compact meter fits right on your desktop.
- Easy-to-use keypad guides you through the postage printing process
- Up to 10 Letters per minute

Shipstream Manager (PC-based solution for package shipping)

- Ship all types of packages
- Scale automatically sets the exact postage needed by class

2014 Home Business Start-up Checklist!

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