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How to Start a Lawn Care Business 1-2-3

Successful businesses have business plans - and starting a business becomes much easier when you have a plan.

With a lawn care business, you don't have to develop a complicated business plan or hire an expensive business plan writer to compile a plan for you.

If you are starting a lawn service business as a one-person operation, a simple plan will work fine, and there are free tools online that will help you.

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The main purpose with a business plan is to guide you from start-up to successful lawn care business. A good plan shows you start-up costs and how many clients you'll need to turn a profit, with a timeline of tasks to reach your goal.

Bplans.com is a business planning website with hundreds of sample business plans. They have one specifically for starting a lawn care business. You can see it here: lawn care business plan.

Steps to Start a Lawn Care & Maintenance Servicehome business expert

1. You'll need to get a business license from your local city or county office (state-by-state listings here).

2. If you are not using your personal name as your business name, file your business name with the county clerk. Get a business tax ID from the IRS website. You can also get information at the website about business income tax, self-employment tax and estimated taxes.

3. It's important to keep personal and business finances separate, especially come tax time. You can open a business bank account in a few hours for little cost. It's a good idea to interview a few banks to compare services. There are many other benefits that a business account can offer, so make sure to ask.

4. Meet with an insurance agent to discuss your insurance options. The IIABA (Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America) can help you find a reputable agent in your area. You can also use insurance network websites to get business insurance quotes for free.

5. In order to make the most of the tax benefits your lawn maintenance business offers, meet with a local tax accountant. If you decide to cut costs and do your own business bookkeeping, get a business accounting software program like Quickbooks Pro to make record-keeping easier.

6. Give your customers a professional first impression of your business when they initially contact you. If you have internet service, you can use a virtual phone and fax service with voicemail and lots of other features included for less than $10 a month. Month after month, this can add up to a substantial cost savings.

Landscaper Business Card7. Get business cards. You can design your own business cards online and have them printed for free using Vistaprint. They charge about $10 for shipping and handling, but you get 250 professional business cards for free.

When given to the right people, 250 business cards can get you more clients than a $500 ad, so that $10 can turn out to be a very lucrative investment. By "right people" I mean those who know, like and trust you or people who have asked about your lawn care services. People who know you can include friends, neighbors, local business owners or members of a group or club you are part of. These people may not need your services, but they can be an excellent source for referrals.

If you plan on distributing business cards to people who don't know you (for example leaving them in mailboxes), make sure you include a special discount (like a free service or one-time 50% discount for new customers). Explain what makes you different than other lawn care services - give customers a reason to call you.

8. Design a yard sign and get a free magnetic sign for your vehicle.

There are great online tools that let you design your own yard signs (and lots of other business signs as well). Many times, you can use these small portable signs to advertise your business while you are working. People who drive by can see the quality of your work, and the phone number or website address on your sign can give them an easy way to contact you.

You can use a car magnet to advertise your business while you are traveling between jobs. Although this may not bring in lots of customers right away, it helps advertise who you are in the local community. See: free car door custom magnet

9. Set up a website. A website can help you advertise your lawn care services by showing your previous yard work, including photos (a picture is worth 1,000 words), providing contact information, offering discounts and detailed information that potential customers want. You can save money by using a free website builder. See also: Easy websites for landscapers.

10. List your company website in local online directories. These directories place your company in high-traffic online locations where people look for local businesses - for example: Google Local, Yelp and Super Pages. You can add your company listing for free, and you can also obtain valuable customer reviews through the sites.

You can also advertise your services, find clients online and bid on projects with contractor networks like BidClerk or Service Magic.

Lawn Care Business Start-up Guide

Drive around most neighborhoods, and you'll see a lot of lawns. Many people have then, but most don't want to take care of them. And don't forget commercial properties too.

Mowing grass is one thing, but maintaining a beautiful, lush lawn is something people will pay money for. That's where you come in as a Lawn Care Professional.

This complete Guide to Starting a Lawn Care Business not only shows you the basics, you learn how to become the BEST, so you can have an instant advantage and get new clients before your competition gets them. With a higher demand for your services, you have the ability to charge higher rates and earn more money.

BBB Accredited Business

  • Follow a Step-by-Step Outline from a business expert, so you understand exactly what you need to do to start your lawn care business.

  • Where to Find Professional Resources you can contact and ways to save money on start-up and operating costs.

  • How to Get Customers Fast: Discover marketing and advertising strategies that will enable you attract a continuous flow of customers and turn a profit faster.

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Lawn Care Resources & Business Associations

Planet Professional Landscape Network
Planet's mission is to cultivate and safeguard opportunities for their members, professionals in the landscape and lawn care field.

Landscape Network
An organization that connects customers to landscaping and lawn care contractors.  

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