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How to Start a Landscaping Business 1-2-3

If you enjoy working outdoors and want to incorporate your creativity into your work, landscaping may be the perfect business for you.

As a landscaper, you get to work with design elements as well as planting and care of landscaped grounds. This creative work lets you work with a variety of clients: residential, schools, businesses, public parks, golf courses, resorts and more. For some, this can be a dream come true.

In addition to being understanding plants and design, today's landscapers need to be able to create water and energy-efficient landscapes, outdoor rooms and highly-functional spaces.

Landscape Design Training

With advanced landscape design training, you make yourself more valuable in the marketplace and are able to take on higher-paying and more interesting jobs. Online landcaping courses are not only faster and more convenient to complete - they cost significantly less than those taught in a classroom.

Licensing & Government Regulations

Before you start your landscaping business, check with your city or county government office to see which licenses you need. Most times, landscapers need to have a business license and some states require you to also carry a contractor's license. If you apply pesticides, you may also need a pest control license.

Your state may or may not require your business to carry liability insurance. In most cases it is a good idea to have it. Get a business insurance quote free.

Landscaping Equipment

Landscapers typically need a truck and hand tools to complete most jobs. Larger equipment that is not used as often can usually be rented. If you plan to do more gardening work, a lawn mower, edger and blower are needed.

Landscaping Business MemeSet up a budget for equipment, supply and predicted labor expenses. Establish an hourly or job rate to charge your clients to help cover those costs and generate profit as well.

Choose a Niche Market

Decide the type of landscaping work you want to offer - focusing on a niche market rather than "everybody" will help you actually get more clients and succeed with your business.

For example, your niche market or specialty could be water gardens, commercial landscapes, concrete work, drought-tolerant landscaping, Japanese zen gardens, etc. You don't need to limit your work - just market yourself as a specialist in a particular area.

Increase Your Landscaping Income by Growing Plants in Your Backyard..

See how Mike McGroarty started growing and selling plants from his small backyard - and made enough money to run a full-time gardening business from home. See how he did it.

Finding Your First Customers

If you don't have any clients from past landscaping jobs who can give you referrals, you may want to start with small residential jobs to help you build your customer base. This way, you can build a pool of satisfied customers who can give you referrals or testimonials you can use in your ads or on a website. Satisfied clients are a great resource for obtaining new customers.

Landscaping expert Janet Hartin has worked in the landscaping industry for many years. In fact, she has taught over 100 classes to other professional landscapers.

  • Find out how to plant and maintain all sorts of trees and plants, plus how to create water and energy efficient landscapes.

  • How to Start a Landscaping BusinessStart-up basics, including business planning, legal issues, insurance, licensing and how to obtain funding and budget for success. Plus: cost to start your business and how much to charge your clients.

  • As Seen in Oprah's NewsletterEquipment and tools that you need, where to get them, how to save money, benefits of leasing and free trials of landscape design software to increase your profits.

  • How to find clients and land jobs and 9 different ways to make money year-round, even in slow seasons.

Start Your Own Landscaping Business

Need help naming your landscaping business?

Marketing Your Landscape Business:

Advertise with Signs
Use a car magnet to advertise your business while you are on the road, a yard sign to announce a sale or a banner to promote your store's grand opening. You can design and create your own signs cheaply online.

More Landscaping Businesses:

Landscaping Business Associations

Planet Professional Landscape Network
Planet's mission is to cultivate and safeguard opportunities for their members, professionals in the landscape and lawn care field.

Landscape Network
An organization that connects customers to landscaping and lawn care contractors.

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