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Become an Herbalist: Start an Herb Growing Business

If you enjoy gardening or cultivating vegetables, why not start growing herbs from home and starting making some extra money? Herbs are one of the easier plants to grow from home for profit because they don't require a lot of space, and they can grow year-round in a sunny location.

Some of the more popular herbs are orgegano, basil, rosemary, mint, parsley and dill. People use these often, and they can generate a consistent stream of income for you. However, having a variety of unique herbs available can be attractive to customers as well.

Where Can You Sell Herbs?

Flea markets and garage sales tend to attract lots of shoppers looking for low-priced items, and these outlets have little competition in the way of fresh food items. If you grow unusual herbs, farmers markets can be a good place to sell - but you may find with standard herbs you will experience high competition.

Restaurants, health food stores and food co-ops can be good places to contact. Set up a arrangements where businesses place orders from you on a regular basis, and you can end up with consistent income every week.

Getting Started:

How to Start a Financially Successful Herb and Herbal Plant Business

This step-by-step guide explains how to start your own herb growing and selling business. You'll learn which herbs are the best ones to grow and efficient ways to grow them (if you don't already know...).

It also covers the administrative and legal side of setting up and running your business. It's a helpful resource for getting your questions answered and of course setting up your herb business the right way, so you can avoid headaches and hassles later.

Not sure how to find customers? No problem! This guide has you covered, and it shows you several ways to do this. It also includes a sample business plan to help you get started quickly.

Herbalist Business Resources: 


Marketing and Selling Your Herbs

  1. Get Found Locally - Online
    Some people don't use the yellow pages or local newspapers or publications to find products and services in their city - they look online, and you don't want to miss these savvy customers. Local search is a quickly-growing advertising space that is an easy, low cost way to reach your local target market.

  2. Postcard Marketing
    Do a postcard mailing to introduce your home grown herb business to potential customers in your area. Using low-cost online services makes this an easy marketing task. First, decide on a special offer or hold a grand opening sale. Second, design your postcards online using professional postcard templates with VistaPrint (you can get 50% off here). And third, get targeted leads from a lead generation company like Resource Nation.

  3. 29 Ways to Find Herb-Buying Customers
    Find out what promotion strategies work - from experts. Get many more low cost, easy and even free marketing tricks with this downloadable guide.
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