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How to Start a Greeting Card Business 1-2-3

To be successful in the greeting card industry requires creativity and the ability to get market exposure.

A greeting card business can be challenging to start because marketing costs can quickly eat up any profits, and you need to sell a significant number of cards to make a profit. Check out the free mini-course 7 Secrets to Selling Greeting Cards from Home to get free tips before you start.

Experts recommend setting up your own website to sell through and working with smaller local gift shops to re-sell your cards.

Selling gift cards online lets you keep a greater portion of your profits, but you need to advertise more. Using a combination of each marketing strategy can help you get your business off the ground. Designing individual cards for special occasions can be a great way to introduce shoppers to your product line, and offering larger package items can help you grow your profits.

Don't Know How to Design a Greeting Card?

Learn the basics of card design and layout with font and image selection applicable to any design software with the "How to Create a Greeting Card" class. You are not limited to the desktop publishing software that you use. You can also get a greeting card designer program included with pre-designed card templates for faster creation.

Card Design Ideas 

Save Money on Greeting Card Supplies:

Increase your greeting card business profits simply by cutting your business expenses! Purchase supplies at wholesale and in bulk when possible. There are several wholesale craft suppliers online. At CreateforLess.com, get up to a 70% discount on your greeting card supplies, plus get free creative advice, unique techniques and hot trends from expert Maria Nerius. Getting creative ideas from other people in your field is a cheap and easy way to learn and excel.

Gift Card and Postcard Printing

These days, you can easily submit your card designs to a printer online, and the entire process can be completed fast.

Companies like Vistaprint, Uprinting.com and PrintingforLess.com have great prices and offer good quality as well. You can generally request eco-friendly recycled paper products as well.

In addition to being able to print greeting cards, gift cards and invitations, you can also order postcards to be printed. Some consumers prefer postcards to traditional cards with envelopes because there is less cost and less waste. Postcards can also result in more sales, since you can more easily sell them in packs of 10 or 20.

It can be a good idea to offer postcards to your customers (or alternatives to the standard card-and-envelope greeting card). Who knows - you might even sell more of them!

How to Sell Greeting Cards

Selling Online

If your cards are crafty or would appeal to shoppers who appreciate unique items, check out online marketplaces like Etsy.com. It's a good idea to set up your own business website through which you can sell your cards - but with many online marketplaces, you actually don't even to set up a website. You can use their website traffic and selling platform instead - or at least put it to work while you are building your own site.

Some other online resources that you can use for free to sell your cards include Cafe Press and Zazzle. You upload your design,s and they provide the stationary materials and print your designs on their supplies. They then ship orders to your customers for you and split the profit with you.

Selling on Consignment

You also partner with local gift shops, salons or boutiques to sell your cards on consignment. Offering stores a consignment deal essentially gives them a way to increase their profits without taking on any risk, so it doesn't hurt to ask local shops. You are actually doing them a favor. You can print a consignment agreement form here: http://getfreelegalforms.com/consignment-agreement.

Using Marketplaces to Sell

Farmers markets can also be a good place to sell your cards. Holiday markets and craft markets fall into this same category. If you offer incentives such as coupons or discounted package deals, you can get more people to buy.

Make sure that you include your website address on the back side of each card to shoppers (and also recipients) know where to go to buy more cards. This is where it becomes important to have a website presence - either your own website or an Etsy page.

How to Work with Sales Reps

What if you want to grow your greeting business beyond just selling at your local gift shops and online? What if you want to expand your sales to stores across the country - how do you do that?

By working with a sales rep, you can explode the growth of your greeting card business - and let someone else do the selling for you. But before you get started, there are some things you should know. This guide shares insight from both the card maker's and sales rep's perspectives, so you are better equipped when working with the other party and achieve a successful business partnership.

Licensing Your Card Designs

Maybe you like designing cards, but instead of producing them and selling them to customers, you would rather sell your designs to a gift card company and have them do the production work and selling. You can do that.

How to Sell Your Designs to Card and Gift Companies

Designer Kate Harper explains the steps you need to take to license your card designs. She also includes tips on copyrights, finding agents, social media resources trade shows and more.

Her booklet costs $2.99 but is packed with information useful for those who want to break into the greeting card business through licensing.

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Greeting Card Marketing Tools: 

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