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How to Make More Money with Garage Sales 1-2-3

Holding a garage sale can be fairly easy, however, having a profitable and successful garage sale requires more planning. For example, garage sale ads, garage sale signs and the price of garage sale items can all contribute to a sale's profitability.

Whether you want to organize for one garage sale or several, some advanced planning can really pay off. In fact, it can actually make the garage sale easier on the day of the event.

Not only do garage sales cut down on household clutter and provide a means of making quick cash, some buyers actually make a good income re-selling bargains that they find at garage sales. Garage sales can be a win-win for both buyers and sellers when items for sale are well advertised, displayed and easily accessible.

As with any business venture, the more you know before you start, the more you're able to increase your profits, while lowering expenses and minimizing the time and effort involved.

Garage Sale Kit How Much Money Do Garage Sales Make?

The average profit for a weekend-long garage sale is about $600. So how do you make that much money - and more?

You can increase your profits by using effective advertising strategies, displaying your items attractively and using smart pricing. Use these garage sale tips to increase the sell-able items you have, sell items faster and cut expenses.

Getting Started:

Begin your garage sale preparation by contacting your city to find out what the garage sale requirements and restrictions are for your area. Visit a few local garage sales to see what is working and get ideas for your own sale. Tip: check out garage sales that are busy and have lots of shoppers.

Next, pull out all of the items you want to sell. Ask neighbors if they want to add items of their own to sell to increase your inventory. Separate higher-value items that you think will get shoppers' attention and prepare to advertise and display those prominently to bring in drive-bys. See Garage Sale Kit

Tips to Increase Garage Sale Profits:

Popular garage sale times are May and September. Serious shoppers tend to make their purchases on Saturday mornings. Avoid conflicts like holiday weekends or community events that may be happening close by.

Advertise in local publications and on high-traffic websites prior to the garage sale. Bright, easy-to-read signs are also important to use on the day of the sale to direct people to your location. Make it as easy as possible for them to find you.

Proper display of garage sale items is key. Clean up items for sale and display them in a well-organized fashion with prices easy to find. Organizing items into smaller groups can also make it easier for shoppers to find thing they want.

Garage Sale Magic! How to Turn Your Trash into Cash

Home Business ExpertGarage sales can make you some quick cash, clear out clutter, save on hauling costs and even provide a nice part-time income. If you are looking for an easy low-cost business to start, garage sale selling has some great benefits that you can enjoy without even leaving your house.

How to Make More Money:

  • Increase Your Sell-able Items: with dozens of ideas of what you can sell - and what to sell if you have just "junk" - plus places to find more things to sell (where you've never thought of!)
  • Cut your Expenses: See how to get free advertising and what to do with "leftovers"
  • Sell Stuff Faster: Tricks to effortless negotiation and how to price items to sell quickly

How to Have a Successful Garage Sale   


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