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Start a Floral Design Business / Open a Flower Shop 1-2-3

The floral business can be very profitable simply because you have holidays and events all year long that stimulate people to buy flowers. If you provide high-value and convenience to consumers, you can have customers for life.

However, if you cannot afford to open a flower shop but enjoy creating floral arrangements, you can lease a mall kiosk, buy a flower truck or cart or even run a profitable flower business from home!

Floral Design Training

Are you new to floral design? If you have not yet worked in the field and need to acquire the skills and knowledge to create professional designs, you want to enroll in a few classes. Start by learning the basics of floral design. These include elements of design, arrangement techniques, tools and tricks of the trade.

Although floral design certification is not required to run your own business, there are online floral design courses where you can increase your knowledge and skills.

Understanding day-to-day business operations and educating yourself on professional design techniques prior to launching your flower business can help you turn a profit faster and generate more income.

Flower Shop Business Checklist:

1. Put together a business plan for your flower shop (see a free sample plan). Among other things, a plan will help you estimate start-up costs, operating expenses and profitability. Keep in mind that if you are on a limited budget, you can start small, working from home and then grow your business, moving a larger location in the future.

2. Choose a name for your company (if you need ideas, see flower shop names). Once you have chosen a name, register your business with your country clerk. Then apply for a business license, get a seller's permit and any other additional permits that may be necessary (ie. for a flower truck or cart).

3. If you plan to operate your flower shop business out of your home, check with your local government office about zoning ordinances and possible land use restrictions.

4. Set up a business bank account, which will separate your business finances from your personal account. Next, there are three major parts of handing your company's finances:

5. Arrange a meeting with an accountant to discuss tax strategies and ways to maximize your business tax deductions. You can get referrals from other business owners you know or sometimes your banker.

6. Compare insurance quotes to see what your best options are and how to save money.

7. Find a wholesale flower supplier and stock up on floral design supplies, tools, packaging materials, office supplies, computer equipment and a van or other vehicle for deliveries (if necessary).

ND Store Fixtures is a good online resource for wholesale fixtures and supplies for your retail flower shop, and Wholesale Floral sells wholesale flower shop supplies - including vases, packaging supplies, balloons, candles and flowers (see complete list of packaging suppliers).

8. Set up a dedicated business phone line. This will depend on your business needs. Inexpensive options include an 800 phone number, a VoIP service like Skype or a cell phone.

9. Before doing any advertising, it's critical that you establish your company brand. This starts with designing a logo. Once you have your logo, you can use it on all company signage, ads, business cards, menus, your website, marketing materials, promotional gadgets and more.

10. Get a website. Save money with a free website builder. Whether you sell flower products online - or you use a website to display information about your floral design services, it's important to take advantage of this low-cost marketing resource that can help you get more customers.

Quick-Start Guide to Opening a Flower Shop

You don't need to spend hundreds of dollars to learn to be a florist. A good way to get started with your own business is to have an expert in floral design field draw up a blueprint for you to follow, so you know exactly what to do step-by-step.

That's what Professional Florist Alisa Gordaneer has done. She has over 20 years of experience and has helped several other florists succeed with their businesses.

Find out:

  • Essential skills: how to teach yourself floral design, put together a business plan and get accredited as a professional florist.

  • Step-by-step how to create stylish flower arrangements (including helping wedding clients) As Seen in Oprah's Newsletter- Plus a list of equipment and supplies you'll need and where to get them.

  • Getting Customers your business, including hospitals, government, funeral homes, corporations, hotels and restaurants - plus - how to set up floral displays and promote sales.

  • Free Samples Included: price lists, invoices, contracts, proposals, order forms and more...

Step 1Florist Start-Up Plan

(Get this also) Free Report: 21 Easy-to-Grow Plants that Sell Like Crazy

Finding Customers for Your Floral Business:

People need floral arrangements for holidays, birthdays and special events like weddings and graduations - but don't forget longer-term contracts with churches, hotels, restaurants and other businesses who need flowers delivered or arranged on a regular basis. Besides a consistent monthly income, it can be a simple way of showcasing your designs to more prospective flower buyers.

Advertise with Signs
Florists can use a variety of signs to promote their businesses. Some examples include car magnets on delivery vehicles, A-frame chalkboard signs to advertise specials outside your shop, hanging banners, window decals and more. By designing your own signs online, you can save lots of money and get great-looking signs.

Get Free Publicity - You can write one yourself for free and send it to your local newspaper and ever submit it online for free. Your story can be picked up by several sources and published for free.

Your press release doesn't have to be long or complex. Keep it under one page and provide newsworthy information about your upcoming event. If you can, create intrigue and curiosity and encourage your reader to take action - whether it be to purchase an event ticket or find out more information.

Print Brochures Showing Your Services and Expertise
Don't just tell people about your floral design business - show them! Pictures are worth a thousand words, and brochures can present a professional company image - while selling your services to potential clients at the same time.

You want to use quality materials and photos if you can, but company brochures don't have to be expensive. You can use programs online to design your own brochures, and have them automatically printed for you at a discounted price.


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Independent Florists' Association

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