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How to Start a Delivery or Courier Business from Home 1-2-3

Tips for Starting a Delivery Business

If you want to start your own delivery business and you have a vehicle, you can get started for very little cost. Advertising is going to be your main expense, but you can also promote your deliver service through word of mouth advertising - minimizing your cost significantly.

Delivery businesses provide service for both companies and individuals. More consistent, stable income will generally come from companies who need long-term service on a routine basis.

Getting Started & Legal Stuff

Put together a business plan. You can see a sample plan for a courier business to help you get started. Register your business name with your city/county and get business insurance - as you will be handling other people's property. Even if you don't think you need it, customers may not hire you unless you have it.

How Do You Find Clients?

Short-term jobs or working for individuals should not be overlooked either, since there may be less competition and therefore easier to find work.

List your services in the yellow pages and online local search directories where people can find you both online and offline. These are cheap or even free and can give your company lots of exposure.

Make connections with local organizations in your area like the Chamber of Commerce, as these can turn into a great source of leads.

Use service networks like MiNeeds or Merchant Circle to connect with people who are actually looking for what you sell. What's great about these networks is that your customers can then post their feedback on their experience with you right on the site. Website visitors can then see these testimonials and be more likely to hire you without you having to "sell".

As a courier, you most likely will be driving a lot. A car door magnet can be a great way to advertise your services because it is a one-time expense that literally can work for you 24-7. You can create your own signs online for very little money, and magnetic signs can be attached and removed as you need them.

What Rates Should You Charge?

Look at what other delivery services in your area are charging. Get prices for 3 or 4 companies and take the average. This will give you an idea of cwhat ustomers are used to paying and are willing to pay.

Find ways that you can improve on what competitors offer, like faster delivery, after-hours service, better rates, friendlier service, etc.. If you are going to charge less money to clients, see if you can combine jobs so that you can still pay yourself what you're worth.

You can charge by the job, the hour or the mile. Decide rates for each or which pricing strategy you will use. Consider additional expenses you might incur for special orders, like using a large vehicle, carrying heavy items, etc..

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