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Start Your Own Daily Deals Site or Coupon Business

Coupons are big business. Interestingly, the same item that saves customers money - makes business owners and savvy entrepreneurs money at the same time.

Although it may sound strange, this is a great business to be in because everyone's happy - they're either saving money or making money. Talk about a rewarding business!

Coupons are not new. They've been in print format for years, plus there are coupon codes, internet coupons, money-back rebates and more.

Over the years, smart business people have organized coupon books to benefit businesses in their local community - and then sell them for a profit to shoppers in the area who want to save money. There's no question that there is money to be made.

The latest coupon business craze is all about Daily Deals websites like Groupon and Living Social. These sites offer small businesses the opportunity to gain a large amount of customers in a short period of time - while allowing shoppers to take advantage of extreme deals. Not only are there lots of benefits to this coupon platform, the limited time offer strategy creates a selling frenzy, which generates attention, excitement and even more sales.

So what if you could start your own Daily Deals website and profit from connecting buyers and sellers?

Well, you can! Right from your own living room, kitchen table - whatever. You just need a computer, and internet connection and the entrepreneurial spirit. You don't need a lot of capital, but as this is a newer platform and quickly changing field - you need to be self-motivated and willing to learn as the industry of online shopping evolves.

What's nice about selling coupons online (or with any coupon business, for that matter), is that you get to choose the companies you work with. This means you can end up working with a really fun group of vendors. Not to mention companies that like to run Dalily Deal Specials on a regular basis can bring you repeat income.

Below are two companies that provide a Daily Deals platform that can help you launch your own coupon business online.

Not only can you create a Daily Deals business, you can create it on a cheap Wordpress blog! The product feature list is extremely long, so you'll probably be better off viewing their on-site demo. There are 5 different types of group buying sites that are offered, ranging from about $200 to $450 per year. Those are low operating costs for running a business in my book.

With Getsocio, you can set up your Daily Deals site for free and pay just $15 per month (you get the first month free). They charge a 5% transaction fee, which is deducted from profits. This way, you don't have to worry about paying out of pocket, and your operating costs are minimal.

This program gives you lots of options, with numerous capabilities like printable coupons, offering deals in multiple cities and social network integration tools. It's actually surprisingly cheap.

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