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How to Start a Candy Store Business 1-2-3

Opening a Candy Shop:

Start by choosing a place to open your candy shop. Locations that receive lots of foot traffic like a mall are ideal. Candy store can also attract lots of customers when they are located near other complimentary stores, such as gift shops or florists.

Is there a competing candy store close by? That may not be a bad thing - because it probably already attracts candy shoppers to that area already. You can use an online tool called Office Finder to locate retail storefronts in your area.

Tip: Offer some sort of product or service that consumers cannot buy from your competitor. This way, you can increase your market share and profits (ie. candy bouquets).

The Legal Stuff

Depending on where your business will be located, you'll need to get a business license from your local city or county office. You may also need signage permits.

Register business name (store name) with the county clerk. Get a federal tax ID from the IRS website. You can also get information at the IRS site about business income tax, self-employment tax and paying estimated taxes.

Financing, Insurance and Bookkeeping

It is important to keep personal and business finances separate, especially come tax time. You can open a business bank account in an afternoon for minimal cost. It's a good idea to interview a few banks to compare services like small business financing. There are many other benefits that a business account can offer, so make sure to ask.

Meet with an insurance agent to discuss your insurance options and requirements. The IIABA (Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America) can help you find a reputable agent in your area. You can also use insurance network websites to get business insurance tips for free.

Talk to a tax accountant to find out how you can take advantage of all the tax benefits available to businesses. You can also get a better understanding of what tax and accounting tasks need to be done, and if you'd prefer to do them yourself. If you decide to do your own business bookkeeping, pick up some business accounting software like Quickbooks Pro.

How to Open a Candy Store

How to Open a Candy ShopDo you want to open your own candy shop - but don't know where to start? Don't worry about having to figure it out on your own.

Here's your step-by-step plan... put together by experts in the candy business!As Seen in Oprah's Newsletter

  • Finding a profitable location, designing the interior, signage, getting equipment and supplies.
  • Obtaining financing, purchasing inventory, hiring staff, setting up inventory and payment systems.
  • Attracting customers with a website, low-cost publicity, holding a grand opening and more.
  • Sample forms included: business plan, floor plan, lease agreement, budget, price list, press release and lots of helpful checklists.

Candy Store Business Start-up Guide


Getting Customers to Your Candy Store

Start by designing business cards and matching promotional materials like brochures and postcards before you start marketing. This way, you have professional sales materials on hand when customers respond to your ad campaign.

Hand them out to people you know, include them with free samples and add them to all orders. Business cards are small and inexpensive, but they can really get the word out about your candy shop.

Create a Website
Next, set up a website. This enables you to sell your candy online, advertise any product discounts, give out downloadable coupons, offer gift ideas, let people know about delivery services and more.

You can save money by creating your own website with an easy website builder, or outsource the job to an affordable website designer and get a professional site for $499.95.

Get Free Publicity
When starting a candy store, you can save money by writing a brief press release or "letter" to your local paper announcing your grand opening. You can also use press releases on an ongoing basis to publicize events, news and activities within your candy store.

Offer a special discount or free offer for first-time customers, and publications will find this more newsworthy. This means that they're more likely to publish news about your company. You can write your own press release - you can find press release samples here: How to Get Free Press.

This is a popular online coupon marketing tool that doesn't cost lots of money. Get a ton of new prospects fast (in 24 hours) through at site called Groupon. No up-front marketing costs!

Postcard Marketing
Do a postcard mailing to introduce your candy shop to neighborhood shoppers (businesses and/or individuals). Using low-cost online services makes this an easy marketing task. First, choose a special offer that you want to announce to potential customers. Second, design your postcards online using professional postcard templates with VistaPrint (you can get 50% off here). And third, get targeted leads from lead generation companies like Resource Nation.

More and more people are looking for local businesses online (instead of the traditional yellow pages) - and you can reach candy shoppers instantly online. Local Search sources that are affordable and receive substantial traffic include: Google Local, Yelp, Super Pages and more specialized sites Urban Spoon and Insider Pages.

Candy Business Associations
  • National Confectioners Association (www.candyusa.com)
    This association helps support the confectionery industry and its consumers.

Start Your Candy Store

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