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How to Start a Home Based Candle Business 1-2-3

There are lots of different types of candles you can make and sell - and new candle trends are constantly emerging. For example: natural soy wax candles, beeswax sheets, new scents or fragrances and even "man candles".

Not only are candles a beautiful home decor item and gift, they are functional as well. Because candles are so versatile and useful, starting a candle business has traditionally been a profitable business and will continue to be that way.

For an entrepreneur, start-up costs can be cheap, especially because you can run this business from home. You can sell candles through a website, at gift shops, on consignment, through craft shows, in mail-order catalogs and more. If you are on a budget, you can begin part-time with basic supplies, and then grow your business as you sell more candles.

On the other hand, if you want to know how to open a a candle shop, see tips on opening a gift shop.

As a home-based business, you have less set-up procedures to worry about than you would with a brick and mortar shop. However, there are standard legal steps you want to take when you start your candle business, such as getting a business license, registering your company name, decide your business structure and get educated on paying taxes.

You can get instructions here: Setting up Your Business.

Handmade CandleCandlemaker Sarah Johnstan has over 9 years experience making money with candles, plus she has taught classes and workshops to entrepreneurs and crafters showing them how to do the same. If you want to start your own candle business, her knowledge can help you make money faster.

Here's some of what you'll find out in her downloadable guide:
  • Secrets to making expert-quality candles, including parafin, soy, gel and beeswax. How to choose the best wax and save money doing it.

  • Receive over 300 scent mixing recipes like popular mixed drinks, desserts, coffee and tea scents.

  • 7 simple tips and tricks you can use to sell your candles, plus Sarah includes bonus guides on how to sell successfully on eBay and cash in at craft fairs.

How to Start a Candle Making Business


Candle Making Business Resources:


Marketing Your Candle Business

Selling Online Made Easy

Many artists are successfully using online marketplaces to sell their crafts - while they work from home. This can be very inexpensive to do, and you don't have to rent booths at art fairs on the weekends.

The key is to focus on marketplaces that sell crafts and handmade items, because the shoppers who visit these sites are way more likely to buy your craft products. Some examples include Etsy.com, Artfire, HandmadeCatalog.com, Artsefest.com and SellCraftsOnline.org.

Selling on Consignment

Partner with local shops to sell your candles, especially around the holidays. Gift stores can be a good place to start, but some salons and spas can also be lucrative locations, because they don't usually sell lots of products that would compete with yours.

They key here is to be organized before apporaching these shops. Have a potential agreement prepared so that the shop owner doesn't have to do a lot of work in order to take you on as a consignment seller. Keep in mind that they want more profit, not more work. You can find more information here.

Farmers Markets

At first, farmer's markets may seem to be a waste of time. However, they can be a great place to sell unique gift type items, especially around holidays. For this reason, you want to have gift packaging available.

The market is also ideal, because these shoppers are interested in buying locally, and they will spend more money to do so. Advertise that you are local and that your candles are made with local ingredients, fragrances, etc (if they do). This can be a real selling point.

Also have on hand flyers or business cards that include your website information where shoppers can order more products from you.

Candle Business Associations
  • National Candle Association (www.candles.org)
    This US trade association represents candle manufacturers and suppliers in the USA.

  • Association of European Candle Manufacturers (www.europecandles.com)
    Represents candle manufacturers, promotes the safe use of candles and improves competitiveness in the industry.

  • International Guide of Candle Artisans (www.igca.com)
    An organization for candle makers, worldwide.

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