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How to Write a Cookbook 1-2-3

Writing a cookbook may be easier than you think. Not only can you publish a cookbook in print, but you can also compile a recipe book online that customers can download.

You can also sell your recipes through your own membership website that members pay a fee to access. Another option is to provide a free recipe website where you make your money through advertisers. Bottom line, you have lots of options when you write a cookbook.

Choose a cooking niche that interests you, so you are better able to stand out from your competition. Some examples of niches when you write a cookbook are 5-minute meals, gluten-free cooking, low-calorie meals, etc.

To start, you basically need a computer, printer, internet connection and general office supplies (depending on the type of cookbook business you are starting).

Getting an ISBN Number

If you are publishing your own cookbooks, you'll want to get an International Standard Book Number (ISBN). It adds credibility to self-published works, and it is required to sell your books in bookstores.

Start by going to www.isbn.org and completing the application. It takes about 10 days for your ISBN number to arrive in the mail. Then print your ISBN number on the back cover of your cookbook and on the copyright page. Register your ISBN at www.bowkerlink.com.

Can You Copyright a Recipe?

You can copyright recipes included together in a cookbook or if they are "accompanied by a substantial literary expression". You cannot copyright simply a list of ingredients. Read more. To copyright a recipe, you would do it with the US Copyright Office at www.copyright.gov.

Write a Cookbook & Make it Sell

Get complete step-by-step instructions on how to write, publish and get people to buy your cookbooks.

NY Times Best Selling Author Ron Douglas reveals the system he used to independently sell over 50,000 self-published cookbooks and sign a six-figure book deal with a major publishing house.

  • How to write a cookbook - without being a chef
  • How to find cookbook ideas that will sell
  • How to price your books for maximum profit
  • How to create your cookbook using free software
  • How to produce professional cookbooks for cheap
  • The easy way to sell your books on Amazon

Write a Cookbook & Make it Sell!

Publishing Your Cookbook

When it comes to getting your cookbook to readers, you have a few different options. You can either hire a publisher or self publish your work. In addition, you can sell your book in print format or digital, like Kindle self publishing.

Selling ebooks vs traditional print books can be easier, cheaper and less time consuming. However, working with a publisher can help you get more exposure and make more sales in the long run.

Marketing Your Cookbook

How to Get Free Publicity
You can write a simple one-page press release to national publications or your local paper. Announce the release of your new book and how it will benefit readers, but also combine it with a book reading, book signing or special event. You can either hire a public relations person or you can write your own press release.

You can also promote your business by writing cooking articles or reviewing restaurants for food or local publications. How to Write Articles and Restaurant Reviews

Conduct a Cooking Workshop
By conducting a free cooking workshop, you can let the public know about your cookbook or recipe website without spending a lot of advertising dollars. You can contact local groups or organizations whose members are interested in cooking and hold a workshop at one of their meetings. You may also be able to conduct a workshop at a community event or farmers market where you can get lots of exposure.

Become a "Betterist" on Betterfly.com helping site visitors learn new cooking skills via your knowledge and experience. It's great exposure for your cookbook or recipe site, plus you can promote special discounts to gain new clients.

Business Resources for Writers

When putting your recipes together, you can use recipe/cookbook software that will make organizing your information and layout design easy.

With the Cook'n Recipe Organizer Software, you can organize recipes, create printable books, analyze nutritional values, create menus and more. Works on both PC and Mac - even on mobile devices.

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