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How to Be a Successful Real Estate Agent 1-2-3

The real estate industry can be very lucrative, even when the market is down in the dumps. When the economy is sluggish, consumers do not stop buying and selling homes. That said, not all real estate agents make money.

Darryl Davis is a real estate expert who coaches people on how to become successful real estate agents. In fact, many of his students have reached a six figure income within one year of starting. Keep in mind, many of these people are new agents.

Yes, there are factors that you need to pesonally bring to the table to achieve success. However, if you have certain traits, Davis can show you how to earn $100,000 your first year in real estate. Learn more.

Tips on Building a Network of Potential Clients:

Having worked in the field myself, I know that you need to know a significant number of people in your neighborhood, and you need to be able to network and communicate with them effectively. This means that you need to listen to them and understand them. Become their friend. Make them feel comfortable coming to you with questions about real estate or referring their friends.

Provide help and assistance to others before asking for business in return. Participate in community events and help out at charity functions. Get to know other non-realtors in your field, like mortgage brokers, appraisers, contractors, interior decorators, developers, landscapers, etc.. Networking with other professionals and referring clients to one another can be a great way to grow your business while also being a helpful resource to your customers.

Of course you need to be skilled in real estate transactions and have knowledge of properties in your area, but the way to attract clients is to become a friend whom they trust and feel comfortable with. Keep this in mind as you grow your business. That said, let's get started...

Getting a Real Estate License

To act on behalf of your clients as a real estate agent, you will need a real estate license. Obtaining a license requires that you take a series of courses and pass the real estate exam in the state in which you will be conducting business.

Continuing education courses are also required in order to keep your license active over the years. You can enroll in distance learning programs which you can complete at home at your own pace. However, there is generally a time limit in which you must complete your coursework.

Some of the real estate courses at Agent Campus include mortgage, appraisal, titles and escrow, home inspection, real estate licensing and more. Since state license requirements vary, they allow you to search for courses by state to find out which requirements apply to you.

If you are just getting starting and want to obtain a real estate license, you'll find exam prep courses in addition to the regular Real Estate License Course.

Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents

1. Create Real Estate Marketing Materials in Minutes
Easily design professional real estate flyers, floor plans, newsletters, signs and more with the World's Most Popular business graphics software Try it Free

2. Find Buyers and Sellers Online for Cheap
This simple website-building system can turn any real estate agent's business into a success with its proven online strategy. Follow the 4 simple steps, and you'll have clients calling you!

3. Close More Deals with a Phone System?
iTeleCenter leads in virtual phone systems for small business. Get a high-end, robust phone system - features like private toll-free number, voice mail, multiple extensions, send/receive faxes online, enhanced call forwarding, and music-on-hold (to name just a few) for a fraction of the cost (starts at just $9.95). Setup is simple: no hardware to buy, nothing to install.

4. Advertise Your Real Estate Service with Signs
Use a car magnet to advertise your business while you are on the road, a yard sign to announce a sale or a banner to promote your store's grand opening. You can design and create your own signs cheaply online.

5. How Free Networking Gets Paying Clients
As mentioned above, networking can be a great (free) source of clients and referrals. Learn to be good at this valuable skill, and you may never have to pay for advertising again!

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Starting Your Career as a Real Estate Agent

So how do new real estate agents become successful? If you are new in the field and want to successfully compete with the "big guys" - it is essential to learn trade secrets from agents who have already achieved success through networking and befriending their clients. Partner with an expert you know in the field or take a look at the guide below.

  • 20-year real estate veteran Pamela Gray has put together a start-up guide for those who want to become successful real estate agents.

  • Home Business ExpertNot only does she include tips from her years of experience, but also advice from several other successful real estate agents as well.

  • Find out how to prepare to be an agent, how to get started in the industry and multiple ways you can obtain new clients - the lifeblood of your business.
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