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As the Baby Boomer generation ages, the need for elderly care increases. If you want to provide products or services to the mature generation, you’ve definitely got a large and growing market.

And since there are many aging people who can (and want to) stay active and involved, you can help more people and increase your business income by providing additional services.

Many people have taken their skills, knowledge and experience from previous careers and started their own small senior in-home care businesses.

The market is there, but it is important understand legal, ethical and other aspects of this field before getting started. See a sample business plan.

Not only is the elderly market growing, so is the demand for in-home care. More Seniors are wanting to live in the comfort of their own homes, but still need some level of assistance.

You can offer a variety of non-medical home care services such as meal preparation, light housekeeping, running errands, shopping and transportation – and more.


This is an all-in-one guide to setting up a senior in-home care business the right way. It answers all of the legal and ethical questions that people have when starting this type of business. You get sample charts, worksheets and checklists as well.

Find out:

  • Start-up cost estimates and how to set up your office&
  • Legal and ethical issues
  • How to set prices, rates and travel fees
  • Record-keeping, taxes and setting a budget
  • How to market your senior care business locally and online
  • How to find and hire staff (both contractors and employees)

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Nursing Training & Education:

If you work in the field of nursing, you need to take continuing education courses to maintain your license and remain actively working in the field. Many business professionals choose to take online programs that they can complete at their convenience (at home on their own schedules and at their own pace). It’s easier and typically costs less. offers several affordable programs online, and they also list the different state requirements, which of course vary by state. Programs are approved by accredited education providers and by the Nursing Boards in both California and Florida.

Areas of study that are covered include:

  • Cardiac Care Program
  • Clinical Care
  • Critical Care Program
  • Emergency Room Program
  • Fire Safety
  • Human Physiology
  • Medical Surgical Program
  • Neonatal Care Program
  • Neurology Program
  • Pain Management
  • Patient History / Evaluation
  • Pediatrics
  • Pharmacology
  • Respiratory
  • Risk Management and Regulations
  • Stages of Shock

Courses include an online ebook with final exam and a printable completion certificate. View the course catalog, state requirements and instructions on how to complete your continuing education online from your computer.

Another thing to consider is learning the skills you need to work as a caregiver for elderly people. Get a Certificate in Gerontology online (home based care givers, social workers, physical therapists, personal care assistants, elderly fitness instructors).

Nursing Care Business Resources:

  • OSHA’s Guidelines
  • MedicalSupplyDepot: You can get all sorts of medical equipment, furniture, medical and safety aids, uniforms and other nursing business supplies here.
  • Get the forms you need to start and run your home care business. Over 100 full customizable forms that you can download and print straight from the internet. Customer relationship and care forms, privacy policy and code of conduct manual, sample business letters, human resource forms, employee training materials are some of the documents included.
  • also provides custom forms for home care businesses. They have business manuals, medication profile forms, nursing evaluation, plan of care forms, consent for care, rights and responsibility templates, Oasis forms and more – downloadable individually.
  • Home Health Nursing Procedures Comprehensive guidelines for over 250 nursing procedures done in a home-based nursing care operation, including infection control, therapeutic care, medical-surgical care, nutritional care and emergency care.


How to Find Caregiver Jobs and Clients

If you want to start your own caregiving business, a great place to start is with people you know and their network of friends. Not only is this a free advertising and referral resource for you, this group of people typically has a certain level of trust in you already. This is an important part of getting hired as a caregiver.

Another helpful resource for connecting with potential clients is It is free for caregivers to use, and you can advertise your services to a pool of customers looking for all sorts of care services.

What’s great about is that caregivers can list their references right on the site and have a background check done and have that listed as well. This helps establish the trust that we talked about before.

What Level of Pay Should I Expect?

Workers generally get paid between $5 and $35 an hour, depending on the work to be done, your experience and the person hiring you. You can increase your value and hiring potential by expanding your experience, getting CPR certified (for certain types of jobs), uploading a photo of yourself and responding quickly to all hiring inquiries.

Keep in mind that when you start working for a person or family through, you then have the opportunity to get referred to their network of friends. This can lead to a good customer base for you – especially valuable because it is free!

A piece of advice – just like hirers want to screen caregivers, it’s smart for caregivers to screen potential employers. You can find more information on this at the FAQ section of the site.

More Resources:

  • all sorts of caregiving services.
  • babysitting, caregiving, tutoring, housekeeping and more.


How to Start a Nursing Agency

A nursing agency is an organization which supplies nurses to patients who are in need of medical care. The nursing professionals working for the agency can be hired out to care providers like hospitals or nursing care homes to work when these facilities need additional staff support.

Each state has a department responsible for licensing the nursing agencies operating in that state. Most times, this will be the Department of Labor or Department of Health.

People who want to operate a nursing agency will need to complete and submit an application form to the department. Sometimes these forms can be found online at the state’s website.

Industry Growth

The healthcare field is growing quickly since the number of aging baby boomers is so large. However, news sources are regularly reporting shortages of nursing and health care staff to provide care for those who need it. As you might have guessed, now is a good time to enter into this field, as consumer demand is there and predicted to grow in the near future.

Nurse staffing is traditionally a seasonal business, depending on the needs of medical care facilities. It also can often require a large amount of start-up capital. On top of that, the introduction of the internet to this field has transformed the way traditional nurse staffing is conducted. Understandably – many people wanting to start a nursing agency have questions.


Expert John Williams has put together a complete start-up guide disclosing all the facts on how to start and manage a nursing agency. His guide is constantly being updated with the latest information going on in this industry.

Find out:

  • How to obtain financing for your nursing agency, set up a budget and manage bookkeeping for your business
  • Instructions and advice on all other licenses, permits and other requirements you need to be aware of in this field.
  • Find out which services you can offers, how much to charge and how to develop new client accounts.
  • A list of all sorts of organizations and government agencies where you can get assistance in running your agency and lots more…

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