How to Open a Pet Salon

Dog at the GroomersWe all know that people love their pets. However, time is a commodity too, and those who lead busy lives may not have the time to do all of the “pet care” themselves. That’s why we’re seeing Pet Spas, Luxury Pet Grooming Businesses and Mobile Pet Salons part of a growing niche market in the pet industry.

You can open a full-service operation or keep your pet salon business small. You can even offer a mobile service to pet owners, so you can start easily – even on a limited budget. For people who want to run a business from home, the mobile option can be ideal if space is lacking.

Keep in mind that as a pet groomer, you can also increase your income by selling a line of pet grooming products to your customers. This is often more convenient for them and requires minimal effort on your part, so it can be a win-win.

You don’t have to develop the products yourself – you can simply re-sell other companies’ products and keep a portion of the products. You could even start an online store so that customers can order online and you can deliver their purchase at their next grooming appointment.

Think about the business model you want to set up, including the products and services you want to offer. Then, stock up on pet grooming supplies and equipment, including grooming tables, tubs, crates, grooming arms, dryers, shears, brushes, clippers, nail care tools, organizers, shampoos and rinses (including medicated, all-natural, flea and tick and color enhancing) plus aprons and gloves for staff.

It’s also a good idea to have a pet care agreement form as well as other letters, invoices and forms you might need for clients. Written and signed agreements often help to avoid business and customer mis-understandings, which can lead to hassles, headaches and time wasters.

Ideas for Finding “Clients”

A creative way to connect with pet owners directly is through a Meetup Group. There are Meetup groups specifically for pet owners (ie dog play groups, dog walking groups, small breed dog groups, etc..) and if there is one or more in your area, you can use them to grow your business in a couple of different ways.

First, you can offer perks to a local group, like a store discount to all members. This helps you get new clients, but you also help the groups attract new members. Second, you can contact the group organizer to see if they would be interested in participating in a free event hosted by you, such as a workshop on grooming or pet care tips that they can use at home.

Pet owners generally know other pet owners. Here’s a way that you can get even more clients. Once you start collecting customers through the Meetup group, give them something like a special 2-for-1 coupon where they can get two services for the price of one when they bring a friend. This way, you can introduce your business through a trusted referral. Genius!


Pet Spa Business Start Up GuideJay Scruggs, Eddie Jacoby and Sue Zecco are all professional pet groomers and business owners who share their specialized knowledge in the Become a Pet Spa Owner start-up guide. You’d be hard-pressed to find this information elsewhere, and this information will set your business steps ahead of other pet spas and salons.

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