How to Get Started in Affiliate Marketing

business woman on a laptopAffiliate marketing is a popular home business because it provides a flexible work schedule, it is fairly simple to start and it offers unlimited income potential. Affiliate marketing is also a low cost business.

You don’t have to hire employees or buy lots of inventory or supplies like many traditional businesses. Your cost and time is mainly focused on setting up your website and then advertising.

Affiliates are essentially independent salespeople. They partner with companies to advertise their products and services, and when a sale occurs as result of the affiliate’s efforts, the company pays the affiliate a commission.

Most affiliate programs are free to join, and there are thousands to choose from. When selecting which products and services to promote, you want to start by choosing a theme for your website (such as golf, travel, credit, real estate, kid’s toys, etc). This theme will determine which affiliate programs you look for.

Once you have your theme, you want to select affiliate programs to join. It’s a good idea to look for a high commission payout, but also free marketing materials and assistance that the company provides to it’s affiliates.


  • Clickbank Affiliate Program
    The highest-paying affiliate program we know of – paying upwards of 50% on sales of popular information products for any niche market you can imagine. You can sign up free and start making money today. They also pay every 2 weeks!
  • Pay Dot Com Affiliate Program
    Similar to the Clickbank affiliate program, earn commissions from 5%-80% and track statistics online with their awesome online manager program, including clicks, sales and conversions.
  • Commission Junction
    Large and very popular affiliate network. Merchants include small start-ups to large corporations. Lots of product selection, but generally lower commission rates and approval depends on quality of affiliate’s website.
  • LinkShare Affiliate Program
    Similar to Commission Junction, but different well-known vendors, such as American Express, Apple Computer,Office Depot, H&R Block and more.

After signing up with affiliate programs, you’ll need a website on which to advertise. Websites that generally get the most traffic are those with content, so you’ll want to fill your website with content that relates to your theme and affiliate programs. Content includes articles, blog posts, product reviews, etc..

Super Affiliate Start-up Guide

super affiliate handbook

Rosalind Gardner had no previous business experience when she got started in affiliate marketing. Now she earns hundreds of thousands of dollars a year … selling other people’s products and services online.

After months of trial and error, she knows how to pick the most profitable programs, negotiate a higher commission rate and save time and money on all sorts of stuff from affiliate software to web hosting. Her knowledge and experience has saved thousands of other affiliates time and money in starting their own affiliate marketing businesses from home. Find out more

Affiliate Marketing Associations and Resources

Direct Marketing Association
Direct marketing news, research, conferences and jobs. For people doing direct, database, and interactive marketing.

Federal Trade Commission, protects America’s consumers.