How to Start a Painting Business

Man with a paint rollerGet educated and acquire experience in the painting field before launching your own company. Not only are you providing a painting service, customers are looking to you for advice and recommendations. You need to be knowledgeable on paints, stains and primers and making drywall repairs.

It is also good to have a system in place where you work efficiently and can get jobs done fast. Customers like this, but it also means that you can take on more jobs and increase revenue.

You also need to know how advertise to get customers and to estimate jobs so that you can deliver an attractive price to your customers while still turning a profit. Follow the tips below to find out how.

Business Licenses, Permits and Plans

Generally, businesses are required to get a business license to ensure that they are complying with government regulations.

Each city, county and state has different requirements when it comes to licensing and permits. To make this task easier, can provide information and specific instructions for your local area and type of business at their website. You can enter your zip code and business type, and you’ll receive information on licensing requirements as well as permits, tax documentation and office contact information.

Before you launch your painting business, start with a plan. Working as an employee for a painting company and owning your own painting business are two entirely different things.

By planning, you can more successfully estimate start-up costs and set up a realistic operating budget so your business won’t fail due to lack of funds. You’ll also enable your business to more easily receive financing (if needed), and marketing and advertising will be easier to manage.

Getting Started

If you’ve never written a business plan before, you’ll appreciate viewing some sample business plans, especially business plans of other painting contractors.

You can see a sample business plan for a residential and commercial painting service: . Once you’ve reviewed a sample business plan, you can use the same or similar plan structure and modify the plan by inputting your own painting business details.


Starting a painting business doesn’t require a large investment or even much overhead to operate. You also don’t have to spend lots of money advertising your service, like you would with other types of businesses.

That said, you don’t want to start your painting company without knowing the basics of running a business. With a Painting Business Start-up Guide, you can get the expert guidance that will help you start your painting business.

  • Follow a Step-by-Step Outline from a business expert, so you understand exactly what you need to do to start your painting business.
  • Where to Find Professional Resources you can contact and ways to save money on start-up and operating costs.
  • How to Get Customers Fast: Discover marketing and advertising strategies that will enable you attract a continuous flow of customers and turn a profit faster.

Get Started Here

Start a Mural or Faux Painting Business

Rebecca Pittman has 25 years experience as a professional muralist and faux painter. She shows you how to turn faux, mural, and decorative painting skills into a real career that you can run from home.

She covers everything from buying supplies to growing a successful business, including how to get referrals, buy insurance, create a portfolio, work with supply stores, evaluate job sites, negotiate prices, interview clients and more.

Faux Painting/Mural Business Start-Up

Marketing and Other Painting Resources

Advertise with Signs
Use a car magnet to advertise your business while you are on the road, a yard sign to announce a sale or a banner to promote your store’s grand opening. You can design and create your own signs cheaply online.

Local Search is becoming more and more popular. People are many times using online search instead of the traditional yellow pages to find local businesses. Local Search sources that are affordable and receive substantial traffic include: Google Local, Yelp, Super Pages and Insider Pages.

American Coatings Association Paint industry association for industry professionals, educators and sales consultants.

Start Your Own Painting Contractor Business
How to Plan, Start, Manage and Operate a Painting Business
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