How to Start an Herb Farm Business

Woman buying fresh herbs in grocery storeTurning a Fun Hobby into a Profitable Business…

Did you know that growing and selling herbs can be a profitable business? If you enjoy gardening or cultivating vegetables, why not start growing herbs from home and starting making some extra money?

Herbs are one of the easier plants to grow from home for profit because you can grow more in a small backyard, and they can be harvested year-round in a sunny location.

Besides growing quickly, these small plants do not need a lot of space and can be grown year-round in the right environment. Of course, many people prefer fresh herbs in their cooking – so they can be sold to local supermarkets, restaurants and at farmer’s markets on an ongoing basis.

Some of the more popular herbs are oregano, basil, rosemary, mint, parsley and dill. People use these often, and they can generate a consistent stream of income for you. However, having a variety of unique herbs available can be attractive to customers as well.

There are So Many Ways to Make Money with Herbs

Not only can you sell fresh herbs for cooking and eating, but people buy these plants for their fresh scents, for crafts and home decor projects and some for their medicinal properties. This opens your target market to plant nurseries, crafters, naturopaths and more. Don’t think that you are limited only to consumers who want fresh Italian herbs on their pizza!

Furthermore, you can take the herbs you grow and make even more sellable products such as teas, soaps, fragrant pillows are more. There are so many options that you can really focus on the aspect of the business you want to do while entering an area of the market that has minimal competition.

What About a Partner to Increase Profits?

Another way to go is to partner with another person who does the product creation while you grow and supply the plants. You can focus your efforts on one market niche or you can expand your product offerings to create multiple streams of income for yourself.


Herb Business Start-up GuideIn fact, growing herbs at home can be such a successful business that Entrepreneur wrote a book about it. Not only do they discuss all of the different ways you can make money with these home-grown plants, but they show you how to find customers. But wait – there’s more ;)…

Find out:

  • How to set up the legal structure of your business, organize efficient operations and maximize tax write-offs to boost your bottom line
  • How to minimize start-up costs and get discounts on supplies
  • How to attract more buyers and easy tricks for interacting with customers
  • And lots more of course (almost 200 pages!)

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Where Can You Sell Herbs?

Farmer’s markets can be a great spot for selling fresh-cut herbs directly to consumers. However, don’t overlook the potential income you can make from selling individual plants or herbal products that you make. Remember, people who shop at these markets typically shop for organic, all-natural products – whether they are food, soaps, gifts, medicine, etc..

Restaurants, health food stores and food co-ops can be good outlets to contact. Set up a arrangements where the businesses place orders from you on a regular basis so you can end up with consistent income every week.


How to make money growing herbs at home

Bertha Reppert founded The Rosemary House, Inc. She has over 25 years experience in the herb growing and selling business. She then wrote a book about it, taking her years of knowledge and experience and sharing it with other entrepreneurs.

This is a great way to pick the brain of a successful business person for under $15. This valuable insight will help you avoid costly mistakes, shorten your learning curve and speed up the rate at which you turn a profit.

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Take a Course

There is also a course titled, Growing Plants for Fun and Profit that shows students how to own and operate a successful backyard nursery. It’s a 6-week, 12-session class that costs about $149 and you can take it from home.

Man holding microgreensInstructors Michael and Linda Harlan ran their own successful backyard nursery for over 12 years, and they have received rave reviews from students, saying that they not only learned a lot, but that they enjoyed the class as well.

Micogreens are yet another way you can start a profitable home nursery growing plants. This up-and-coming field is gaining popularity in the market, and one man in Portland Oregon shows how he makes $1000 a week in his own urban farming venture. Not a bad income for doing something you love.

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