How to Start a Cupcake Business

4 CupcakesDid you know that there is more than one way to can make money with cupcakes?

You can open a cupcake bakery – but you can also make baby shower cupcakes or wedding cupcakes from home. You can run a cupcake truck business, sell mail order cupcakes in jars and even design and deliver cupcake bouquets!

You guessed it – pretty much any event that would have a cake or cookies would surely enjoy cupcakes too.

There is also a growing market for gluten-free products, organic baked goods and healthier desserts. With a cupcake business, you can start small, from your kitchen or other baking establishment.

You can make deliveries to customers or sell to retail stores or markets. As your business grows, and if you choose, you can open a cupcake shop and sell your cupcakes direct to customers.

The permits and licenses you’ll need will depend on the city, county and state your business operates. Each state has its own requirements. If you prepare and serve food, you are typically required to have a business license and obtain a food handler certification.

Your cooking space will be required to pass an inspection by the Department of Health. Upon approval, they will license you. You may also be required to maintain a standard recipe for product labeling purposes.


Colored Decorative Cupcakes on a Display TrayThis is a step-by-step guide which will teach you how to get your cupcake or cake decorating business off the ground and how to run it successfully.

Expert Jennifer James shows you every aspect of this creative and fun business so you can be assured you are taking the right steps to start your venture. Cupcake and Cake Decorators share their experience so you can achieve success in your own business.

Imagine the perfect person to learn from – cake decorating experts and business owners can show you inside tips and expert advice that you can’t find anywhere else.

Find out:

  • How to decorate cupcakes and cakes – from style to assembly to the right tools and supplies and more
  • How to start with little money, getting licensing, how to find/rent a commercial kitchen
  • What are the hottest baking industry trends now? How to find clients – and get orders
  • Plus samples of business forms, pricing lists and lots more

Cupcake/Cake Decorating Business Start-Up Guide

Cupcake Business Resources:

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American Society of Baking
The American Society of Baking is a professional organization that brings together individuals in the grain-based food industry for personal development, recognition, education and leadership.