Starting a Home-Based Craft Business

Why not take your unique crafting talent and make money with your own craft business? Check out this video below from craft expert Meg Mateo Ilasco:

Handmade items (especially one-of-a-kind) can offer a higher value than the manufactured competition, and thus ask a higher price. If you can produce items that are both pleasing to look at and useful to others – you may have an income-producing “hobby” on your hands…

Putting Together a Plan:

How to Start a Craft Business, Start-up GuideNo matter what type of craft you want to sell, you want to treat your business as a business. Meaning – put the time and energy into your business that it needs to grow, be organized and make a plan. A business is more than just a hobby.

So how do you do that?

Research your market before you start your craft business. Find out who your competitors are and what your target market wants. How can you be different and better than other craftspeople in the marketplace? Can you create a product that is needed but doesn’t yet exist?

Use the Craft, Inc. Business Planner along with the Ultimate Craft Business Start-up Guide for step-by-step instructions, checklists and worksheets. It makes start-up much simpler, so you have less to worry about:

1. Tips on creating your crafting time and space, plus business essentials like record keeping, financing and legal issues.

2. Putting your personal style into your products, discovering your target market, protecting your work and setting goals.

3. Obtaining your materials, equipment and pricing your products.

4. Marketing advice, including publicity strategies, using online media, catalogs and printed materials.

5. How to approach stores and sell on consignment, take advantage of trade shows and craft fairs plus fulfilling orders. And seriously, tons more… Get Started Here

Examples of craft businesses to start: Candle Making, Gift Baskets, Greeting Cards, Herb Farm, Knitting, Jewelry-Making, Mural Painting, Sewing and Soap Making.

Where to Find Wholesale Craft Supplies

Kitten playing with ball of yarnYou want to find low-cost high-quality craft supplies so that you can keep your expenses minimal. What you don’t spend on supplies can be added to your profit margin. Buying in bulk will save you some money, and sometimes you can negotiate with the vendor – especially if you are a repeat buyer.

  • Wholesale Floral Supplies
    Items like balloons, baskets, foam, moss, plastic containers, water tubes, wire, mirrors and all sorts of packaging.
    Supplies and tools for mosaic, bead making, stained glass, fusing and bottle cutting. Check out their wholesale section for wholesale pricing.
    Factory direct mugs and other promotional items from apparel to bags to dinnerware to party favors. Not a craft supply store per se, but lots of low-priced items that can be used in crafts.
    All sorts of craft supplies including doll-making, candle making, beading, soap making, scrapbooking, painting, floral, unfinished wood, mirrors, home decor, lamp kits, primitive decor, wedding crafts, holiday and party crafts.
    Wholesale soap supplies, cosmetic colors, bath and body products, starter kits, essential oils, fragrance oils, candle making supplies, containers and packaging.
  • Crafts, Etc! Wholesale
    Lots of supplies for scrap booking, but also jewelry making, candle making, glass crafts, doll making, macrame, paints, soap making, wood crafting, plaster supplies and more.
    Wholesale supplies for scrap booking.
    Wholesale jewelry supplies including beads, stringing material, wire, chains, charms, clasps, adhesives, head pins, metalsmithing, tools, jewelry art supplies, jewelry displays and packaging.
    Wide variety of unique beads and semi-precious stones, pearls, metal beads, wood beads, pendants, beading accessories and supplies.
    Wholesale yarn and thread for knitting and crochet, plus hooks, looms, machines, tatting supplies, felting supplies and jewelry supplies.
    Wholesale floral supplies, silk flowers, fillers, artificial fruits, garlands, greenery, ribbons, wedding items.
    You never know what you’ll find at the Dollar Tree. They have special prices for buying in bulk, but some items (marked) are available for purchase in smaller quantities.
    eBay can be a great source for craft supplies if you buy in bulk, search for “lots” of items.

Selling Crafts

1. Sell On the Internet:

Selling online is becoming easier and easier for artisans. There are marketplace-style websites that now let you sell your items and even create your own store. This means that you don’t have to go through the work of building your own website. See:,,, and

You can also try selling on eBay. Although eBay is not as popular as the other sites mentioned above for selling craft items, Some artisans have been successful doing it – it really depends on the particular things you are selling.

Derrick Sutton and his wife sell their artwork and jewelry on Etsy. They started marketing online to promote their merchandise and discovered some simple tactics that increase their Etsy sales.

You can find out how to use online auctions, web sites, email, discussion groups, search engines, link strategies and hundreds of other techniques for selling craftwork on the internet in his really cool guide.

2. Sell on Consignment:

Woman selling jewelry on consignmentWhen you are just starting out, it can be difficult to get retailers to buy your crafts outright to resell in their shops. A more effective route is to sell on consignment. This gives your business exposure to the market but the retailers take no monetary risk in displaying your items.

Contact shops, boutiques and even museums with a professional consignment agreement already prepared. Respect the retailer’s time and demonstrate that you are ready to do business, and they will be more likely to work with you. More information on how to sell on consignment.

3. Sell at Craft Fairs or Markets:

Many craft items make perfect gifts, especially for the person who is hard to shop for. Advertising your crafts at fairs or farmer’s markets can be the ideal place to find gift-shopping customers. If you want to set up a booth, contact the fair organizer to get information on procedures and requirements.

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