How to Start a Balloon Business

Party Planners Explain How to Start a Balloon BusinessDo you enjoy working with people, social events, parties, etc.? You may enjoy working in the balloon business. Compared to other ventures in the party planning industry, the balloon business is less competitive – and therefore easier to get started.

In addition, supplies cost less. Plus, you can operate your company from home if you want. Then, you can sell products thought a retail store or provide a delivery service. You can even start your company part-time, because you can expand your services ad your income grows.

Balloon businesses sell a variety of products and services in many different niche markets. For example, think creating balloon bouquets, building wedding decorations, making children’s party balloons, advertising for businesses, holiday themes, helium balloons and more.

Don’t let a small budget prevent you from getting started. For instance, you can rent helium tanks, and you can purchase supplies in smaller quantities and work from home. Then, as your company becomes more profitable, you can buy equipment rather than renting. Plus, you can then buy wholesale supplies in bulk to cut costs even more.

Providing balloon decor for corporate events can be a big money-maker because they involve more people and larger venues. However, you don’t have to pay a lot of money for training or supplies.

Get a do-it-yourself guide that will enable you to save $100’s and still have high-end looking decor. With this easy step by step guide, anyone can do this.

Wholesale Balloons, Renting and Buying Equipment

Check local florists or party supply stores for helium tank rentals, According to eHow Contributor Jenny Rae Armstrong, “Helium tanks range in capacity from 50 to 285 cubic feet. It takes 1 cubic foot of helium to inflate a 14-inch balloon. So if you need 120 14-inch balloons, rent a 120-cubic-foot tank.”

Furthermore, you can buy helium tanks from companies like or Suppliers such as theres typically sell a variety of different sizes of tanks, regulators, valves, replacement parts and more.

In addition, you can buy wholesale balloons, including latex, foil and balloon accessories like ribbon and weights. Compare prices at or wholesale distributor Plus, we have compiled a resource list of product packaging suppliers.

Getting Customers for a Balloon Business

Creative Networking Tips:

First of all, balloon decorators can get lots of customers through referrals. Therefore, the key is to get the word out about your business so that you can get those referrals. First, start by volunteering your services for local events because you can take advantage of multiple benefits.

  1. Get introduced to people who know lots of people in the community. (This is a good source for referrals.)
  2. Demonstrate your skills in front of people who plan events. It’s like a mini sales presentation except that it’s fun. Plus, you don’t have to sell anything
  3. Meet influential people in the community. They get to know you and appreciate your efforts. Therefore, they are more likely to hire you later or refer you to their friends.

Creating a Portfolio and Using Flyers:

As you take on projects (paid or unpaid), make sure you take photos and start building your portfolio. In addition, you can include them on a professional flyer along with your services, rates and testimonials from clients.

Deliver your flyers along with your business card to retail businesses or sporting event organizers. Think of companies likely to advertise using balloons. For example, car dealerships, restaurants, shopping malls, marathon races, etc..

Partner with Other Business Owners

Next, you can also partner with local florists and party planners. For example, refer clients to each other or give the referrer a referral fee for each new customer. A benefit to doing this is that you don’t have to pay to advertise until you actually get paid by customers.

Use Local Directories

People don’t usually know where to look for balloon decorators, since you typically don’t find many around. Consumers usually start their search in the yellow pages or in local online directories. For this reason, you want to have your company listed in these places.

Balloon Business Resources
This group supports event planning professionals, plus caterers and other vendors in the entertainment industry.

Learn How to Twist Balloons
Is your niche market is party balloons for children’s birthdays? In this case, you may want to demonstrate your skills at festivals or charity events in your area. Do you enjoy being around people and entertaining? Balloon twisting works really well to attract new clients.