How to Start a Home-Based Beauty Business

Lots of Customers + Ways to Make Money

Happy woman spending a day of beauty treatmentsThere is no shortage of customers for the beauty services industry. The fact that many of the products and services sold in this field are essentially “consumables” makes this line of work even more lucrative.

You’ve probably seen salons diversifying their revenue streams (hair stylists performing hair cutting services AND selling hair products, or spas offering massages along with facials). In this aspect, working from home doesn’t need to be any different: you can earn money in multiple ways at the same time.

Here are some business ideas:

Let the Internet Work for You

The internet can be a great tool for you to attract new customers and boost sales from existing clients. Setting up a salon website can not only help businesses increase their revenue, but it can help lower their operating costs at the same time.

Not only can it book client appointments online (so you don’t have to hire a receptionist or someone to sit by the phone), but it can also sell products to you clients. Many times, clients like to re-order products at home at their convenience rather than having to come into your shop.

When used properly, you can earn a significant amount of income while avoiding the hefty overhead costs of additional staff and a retail storefront.

Work from Home… or Get Mobile!

Although you can purchase salon chairs or other special equipment to use in your home business, you may find that you don’t need them. It really depends on the needs of your clients. I have a friend who at one point converted her 2-car garage into a salon with 2 stations, and she could conveniently close it off from the rest of the house.

On the other hand, let’s say you are working part-time offering services mainly to friends, acquaintances and neighbors. You might find that people prefer to relax on the back porch or family room with a glass of wine while getting their beauty treatment.

But don’t worry if you think that your home is not suitable to bring clients. Mobile beauty salons are becoming more and more popular, and many consumers actually prefer them. You can simply drive to people’s homes or places of work to perform your services (and deliver products too).

Some savvy entrepreneurs even go as far as transforming vans and buses into mobile salons where customers can actually go inside and get their hair washed, cut and styled, have their makeup done, get a manicure or receive a relaxing massage.

These vehicles often double as a marketing campaign, since they attract lots of attention when they drive around. Similar to food trucks and delivery vehicles, they are an effective way to stay in front of your market and continually remind them that you are there, not to mention really cool.

Education and Training

To obtain your cosmetology license, you need to apply through your state’s Board of Cosmetology. Generally, you will need to complete training, work a minimum number of hours in the field and pass an exam. The Board of Cosmetology also handles license replacement and change of address issues.

If you want to gain knowledge in the beauty industry and obtain continuing education credit (CEC), you can complete specialty cosmetology training classes on the internet via

360 Training provides state-approved online cosmetology continuing education courses for cosmetology license renewal. With distance learning resources like this, students can save money while completing coursework much more quickly. At the same time, they still receive the expert guidance and credit they need.

360 Training offers a variety of beauty courses and cosmetic training for industry professionals looking for advanced education and cosmetology license renewal. Live support staff is available 24-7.

Cosmetologists generally excel in creative activities. However, cosmetic business owners who have training for the “business tasks” are able to run their companies more efficiently. On top of that, knowing business skills enable you to complete basic business tasks yourself without hiring other people. This can save you a lot of money and increase your bottom line.

Their cosmetology courses provide education for estheticians, manicurists and cosmetologists plus exam prep and as I mentioned, continuing education.

Board of Cosmetology State Listings

To contact your local Board of Cosmetology, find your state below:

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