Start a Home-Based Automotive Business

Auto Mechanic Fixing CarIf you have experience in car repairs, maintenance or detailing, you can basically design your own career that is recession-proof.

People constantly need work done on their cars, and in many cases, they would prefer a mobile mechanic or detailing service visit them instead of having to go into an auto shop.

Although you might not be able to perform work from your garage at home, you can usually operate a mobile automotive service in your city or local area where you can essentially work out of your house and make short trips to visit clients. Not a bad way to break up the work day!

Some examples:

But wait. Let’s think outside the box here

You aren’t limited to fixing or cleaning people’s cars. Who said you can’t teach workshops on basic automotive repair to do-it-yourselfers? Or open an online store selling car parts – or resell items on Amazon? You could even write a how-to guide, publish it and sell it through the Kindle Marketplace without having to leave your house!

Getting Started

The place to start is to narrow down your niche. Whether it is the type of services you perform or the kind of cars you work on, focus on a particular area that interests you most (ie. antique car restoration).

Also consider the needs in your marketplace. If there is a demand for a particular service in your area that has not yet been met, this could be a highly profitable business for you (ie. eco friendly auto detailing or car wash).

Keep in mind that there is a lot of competition in the car service industry, so the more “definition” you can give yourself, the more you will stand out as an expert in your field. Consumers are drawn to people whom they feel are experts because they trust that they will do a better job and are more competent. And you know what that means, right? Experts are able to charge higher prices.

Getting Your First Clients

If you are just starting your business and don’t have a network from which you can get referrals, think about partnering with a similar but non-competing business with whom you can refer clients to each other.

Attract attention to your business by donating a few free services. For example, if you detail cars and a local group is holding a fundraiser or raffle, you could donate a car detailing service.

Not only will everyone at the event hear about your company, but you can let a potential customer “test out” your service. This could lead to repeat business and referrals, so it’s a great form of advertising.

A Simple Way to Grow Your Profits

Just because you offer an automotive service doesn’t mean than you can’t sell products as well. Don’t be afraid to offer your customers cool gadgets for their cars or maintenance products that help their cars look and perform better.

It’s probably easier for them to buy these items from you than somewhere else – and they value your automotive expertise in helping their cars run longer and keep their value.

More Tips on starting a car detailing business:

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