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Internet Cafe Business Plan 1-2-3

Rather than start a business with one income stream, why not take two profitable fields and combine them into a business opportunity that provides multiple revenue streams? That's exactly what you can do with an internet cafe business - or by adding a wifi hotspot to your existing business.

The growth of the internet and mobile technology is proving that this field is not just a trend or fad. Eating establishments are no longer just places to eat, but a growing number of people use them for meetings and conducting work.

When starting an internet cafe business, you want to focus on space, layout and atmosphere. Creating a convenient and comfortable environment for internet users is essential to getting repeat business, and you'll find that you have to advertise less to bring in customers. Although an internet cafe doesn't necessarily have to service food or beverages, this feature may be something your customers would prefer.

Start-Up Costs:

Start-up costs will vary by location, plus size of your cafe, staff and services offered. Generally, in your internet cafe business plan you want to budget:

  • Licenses, permits, taxes, insurance and other legal requirements
  • Building lease/purchase and any construction
  • Furniture, equipment, supplies
  • Advertising for the opening of your cafe
  • Stationary, receipts, brochures, business cards and other printed materials
  • Employee payroll, hiring expenses
  • Start-up inventory and cash
  • Miscellaneous expenses

You can also get an a basic idea of what it may cost to start an internet cafe by reviewing a free sample internet cafe business plan from another cafe. According to Whotspot, typical startup costs run between $8,000 and $10,000 for computer and internet equipment for an internet cafe. A cheaper alternative may be to use a program like CafeNetwork's web cafe management software.


Location is an important factor when it comes to the success of an internet cafe. You want to provide a convenient location for your customers, but you first need to decide who your customers are.

For example, a downtown area might be better if your target market includes business people. However, if your focus is students, proximity to a college campus will be important. Then again, if travelers are your prime target market, seek out locations near hotels, tourist attractions, etc..

How to Save Weeks Writing Your Internet Cafe Business Plan

Home Business ExpertNever written a business plan before? Using a business plan template eliminates most of the trial-and-error process and gets you on the fast track to business profits.

Rather than purchasing a generic business plan, you can get a plan template exclusively for internet cafes for the same price. With an Internet Cafe Business Plan, you not only get a plan specifically for opening a cafe - but you also get more than 100 forms and templates to help you start and run your business.

You also get 1 year free website hosting, so you can save money creating an online storefront to advertise your cafe as well.


Internet Cafe Business Start-up Guide

Internet Cafe Start-Up GuideMany entrepreneurs seek expert guidance so they can avoid the long trial and error process. Learning operations, management and procedures from another internet cafe owner can be extremely helpful.

If you personally know someone who owns an internet cafe, ask if you can get his or her advice on starting out. Another option is to visit your local library for a start-up guide in this field. The third option is to get an instruction guide online. This generally can provide you with the most affordable, current and applicable information.

You'll get insider guidance which will help speed up the start-up process and assist you in building profits. Being a business owner myself, I know personally that this simple strategy can save a business from failure. Probably the last thing you want is an empty cafe.

Here's how you can save time and money:

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  • Follow a Step-by-Step Outline from a business expert, so you understand exactly what you need to do to start your internet cafe.

  • Locate Professional Resources who can help you, plus how to cut cafe expenses on start-up and operations.

  • Find Out How to Get Customers Quickly: See marketing and advertising strategies that will enable you attract a steady stream of customers and speed up your rate of success.

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