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Cleaning Business Plans 1-2-3: Templates & Samples

"Now this is business planning made easy!"

As we all know, laying out a plan for a start-up business is important. What many entrepreneurs don't know, however, is that creating a business plan doesn't have to take weeks or cost an arm and a leg.

By taking a look at sample business plans and using professional business plan templates specifically designed for cleaning businesses, you can save yourself lots of money and have the job done quickly.

It's also a good idea to go with a business plan template made for your particular type of cleaning business. There are many types of cleaning businesses. Different equipment and supplies may be needed.

A commercial cleaning service may need to invest more money in staff, advertising and equipment than a small house cleaning business. If you offer a very specialized service, you may need to allow more time and money in travel expenses, etc.

Have questions about start-up costs?

What also can be helpful is to look at a sample cleaning service business plan put together by a real existing cleaning business. It can give you a starting block from which to launch your own plan, and sample business plans can also give you insight as to expected start-up costs and potential revenue.

Another money-saving tip is to download plans from the internet rather than paying for a hard copy. This also means you can get instant access and finish your plan sooner.

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