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How to Start a Hair, Nail or Beauty Salon 1-2-3

Hair styling businesses, nail salons, spas and tanning salons can all provide consistent monthly income from repeat clients. Plus - reports are showing that the beauty industry is going strong, even during the economic downturn.

Beauty Salon Business ChecklistStart by downloading the free beauty salon checklist.

There are also salon business plan templates you can use.

You'll find out industry secrets and shortcuts of 12 successful salon owners and be able to apply their experience to your own business.

What is the Cost of Starting a Salon?

The cost to start a beauty salon includes salon equipment, supplies, styling chairs, signs, insurance, business license, a building lease and advertising. Start-up costs vary widely, since you can choose how much to spend in each of these areas.

When you are investing in your business, think about the profits that these investments can potentially bring you - and decide how much you want to spend. In addition to providing a service, salon owners can generate more revenue by selling specialty salon products and hosting events or beauty parties.

How Do You Get More Clients to Come to Your Salon?

Build and keep your clientele base by being different from the other beauty salons - offer a variety of services, a unique atmosphere, more convenient hours, special events, etc.

Get expert instruction and guidance from beauty professionals - those who already own their own businesses can truly save you lots of time and money with their insight.. Simply follow their tips, and your salon can achieve success in a faster period of time.

You'll find several salon start-up guides, business plans and tips below to help you maximize your profits from your beauty business while minimizing your risk.

Beauty Salon OwnerHow to Start a Hair Salon:

You may be surprised to find out how much money is being made with basic hair salons. You don't even need to be an experienced stylist to profit!

This step-by-step guide breaks down and explains everything from licensing to the equipment needed to financial management to day-to-day operations. (Get business advice from 12 professional salon owners of well-known salons.)

  • Get Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Start: financing, budgeting, Beauty Salon Guidelicensing, finding a great location, hiring employees, interior design tips and more.
  • Resources You Can Use to Save Money: paying less on equipment and supplies, increasing revenue with additional product sales.
  • How to Get Customers and Turn a Profit Quickly: from effective marketing materials to attracting clients with free publicity.

Hair Salon Start-Up Guide

See also Day Spa Start-Up Guide

How to Start a Nail Salon

It's amazing to watch how much business a well-run nail salon can do in just one hour. Design your business to conveniently work around your lifestyle. Plus, you can run a fast-paced business or create a relaxed atmosphere depending on how you like to work. Have fun!

See how other nail salon owners have successfully launched their shops, and how you can do the same.

  • Learn from top nail salon owners and nail consultants from Los Angeles, Austin Texas, Carmel California and more on how to turn a regular salon into a money-making dream.
  • See how a cocktail-themed salon and a "green" salon turned manicures and pedicures into a whole new experience, bringing in extra money in the process. By adding a few simple features, you can make your salon "The Place" people want to get their nails done!

Go!Start a Nail Salon Business

Salon Start-Up Resources:

Beauty Salon Supplies:

Salon Advertising: How to Get More Clients

Get Free Publicity
Save money by writing a press release to your local paper announcing the grand opening of your new salon - or (if your business is not new) an event that you're holding. You can quickly reach lots of customers within days.

Hold a contest or drawing with a prize that salon clientele would want - for example, a free product or service that you offer, or gift card to use at your salon. Make it a unique or big enough prize that it gets people's attention, and that your local paper will want to write a story about it. Make the contest or drawing very easy to enter, so that you can generate lots of leads.

You could also host a beauty-related workshop that your clients would be interested in, such as easy hair styling techniques or natural skin care tips. You can either present the workshop yourself or partner with other business owners interested in promoting their companies - like an image consultant or salon product manufacturer.

Your press release can be short and simple, and you can find samples here

Postcard Marketing
Do a postcard mailing to introduce your company to potential customers in your area - and remind clients to return back (without tedious phone calls!). Using low-cost online services makes this an easy marketing task. First, decide on a special offer or hold a grand opening sale. Second, design your postcards online using professional postcard templates with VistaPrint (you can get 50% off here). And third, get targeted leads from a lead generation company like Resource Nation.

Coupon Advertising
Advertising with coupons is a "feel good" form of marketing, since you are giving a gift to your customers for visiting and purchasing from your salon. It's a way to get customers to buy... without having to sell. Even if a coupon is not redeemed, you get the benefit of prospects viewing your coupon in the newspaper, magazine, online or in a coupon mailer. If your coupon was memorable, this could mean readers think of your shop the next time they need a haircut or manicure.

Get a Website
A website enables you to market and sell your beauty services online, advertise any product discounts, offer downloadable coupons, provide gift ideas, let people know about business hours, your location and more.

You can save money by creating your own website with an easy website builder, or outsource the job to an affordable website designer and get a professional site for $499.95.

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Business Cards
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Local Search Directories
More and more people are looking for local businesses online (instead of the traditional yellow pages) - and you don't want to miss out on this market. Local search sources that are affordable and receive substantial traffic include: Google Local, Yelp, Super Pages and Insider Pages.


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